About Us

We pride ourselves on being able to offer tailored advice to suit the needs of your horse or pony, with their welfare always being paramount




Our History

First established in 1980 as Ian Hollows Feed Supplements, Rowen Barbary is consistently growing year on year by providing good quality products and helpful, friendly advice. Ian Hollows Feed Supplements as it was then know manufactured a wide range of feeds and ingredients for commercially farmed species including pigs, poultry and ruminants and 1989 saw the introduction of Sumo Original, one of the first products manufactured within the horse feed range. Soon after this it was realised that to meet with the increase in demand a specialized horse feed division was needed, and with this Rowen Barbary Horse Feeds was born. Following on from this Ian Hollows Feeds Supplements was developed into Target Feeds Limited, as it is known today.  Within Target Feeds Ltd. a wide range of animal feed and supplements are manufactured for all major farmed species.  Our extensive production facilities and quality certification provide product development and custom manufacture for many major international organisations. To find out more about our parent company Target Feeds Ltd. please visit www.targetfeeds.co.uk.


Customer Care

We have a unique perspective in an ever increasing mass production industry by being a family run and owned company where the needs of the horse come before chasing goals and reaching targets. This gives us the opportunity to offer friendly, impartial advice and is why we have built a solid relationship with many of our customers, some of who have been with us since day one. With several of the team being actively involved with horses themselves, whether through breeding, producing or regularly competing their own horses we know the challenges faced on a daily basis and put this experience to good use when dealing with enquiries.




Research and Development

By keeping up to date with the latest in scientific technology we are able to keep our feeds and supplements at the forefront of nutritional design and implementation.  Our experience across an ever widening range of species and our in depth involvement in new product development gives us as unrivalled insight into all aspects of animal nutrition. We put this knowledge of nutritional requirements and ingredient selection to good use when developing and maintaining our high standards for Rowen Barbary Horse Feeds.


Mill Care and Quality Control

All of our feeds and supplements are manufactured in a dedicated UFAS audited mill. This ensures and guarantees our customers that our ingredient sourcing, dietary formulations, manufacturing procedures and quality control meet the highest UK and European standards. Rowen Barbary Horse Feeds monitors for the presence of specified naturally occurring prohibited substances (NOPS) as defined by the rules of racing and affiliated competitions which are in line with the established BETA/UFAS NOPS guidelines. Adherence to these guidelines ensures that the risk of occurrence of such substances in minimised. We are also audited and approved under the UK Feed Hygiene Regulations and Veterinary Medicine Regulations and approved to manufacture feed supplement premixes and supply feed ingredients.

We carefully select and source only the highest quality raw materials from approved suppliers and maintain this continuity of supply year in year out. Raw materials and finished feeds are regularly laboratory tested to ensure that we continue to meet not only ours but also your high standards. All of our feeds and supplements are manufactured to order in a manufacturing facility that is dedicated to horse feeds only and supervised by a team with long experience in manufacturing techniques and quality control. This ensures that freshness and palatability together with long shelf life are maximised. Each of our feeds is formulated with your horse in mind and whatever their age, activity level or specific nutrient requirement we have a feed to suit them.

Packaging is in robust polythene sacks ensuring that freshness is retained and contaminants excluded, with full and honest labelling displayed either on the bag itself or an attached label. This details not only full nutritional specification but also the full list of ingredients in descending order of inclusion. Codes and batch numbers allow for full traceability of each product batch. Further nutritional data and suitability of each diet is published on our web site. We at Rowen Barbary will continue to be innovative on feed design and manufacture ensuring that our customers continually receive the best quality feeds to the highest nutritional standards.