Acti-Soothe - Gut Health

Acti-Soothe - Gut Health

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Key Points:

  • Soothes and protects the stomach lining
  • Helps control stomach acidity
  • Reduces anxiety in horses prone to stress
  • Helps lessen the risk of ulcers developing

Specifically formulated to help support digestion and maintain gastric health, Acti-Soothe contains a unique blend of key ingredients that target gastric health and help to reduce anxiety.

To help support optimum digestion and maintain gastric health Acti-Soothe contains lecithin and pectin, along with Calcareous Marine Algae and ActiSaf®. Pectin when added to the horses diet turns into a gel and binds the bile acids, increasing the buffering capacity helping to stabilise the protective mucous in the glandular region in the stomach, protecting the stomach wall from ulceration. Lecithin helps stabilise the natural phospholipid layer of the horse’s stomach, building up a barrier between the tissue of the stomach wall and the gastric content, protecting the sensitive mucosa from stomach acidity.

Calcareous Marine Algae is a highly efficient buffer. Its natural honeycombe structure breaks down slowly helping to stabilise the pH, reducing the risk of acidosis and stomach ulceration. ActiSaf® is a probiotic yeast that enables the population of good bacteria in the gut to thrive, this is included in Acti-Soothe in a high concentration to help support optimum fibre digestion.

To help reduce anxiety and nervousness Acti-Soothe also contains a calming blend of herbs including Matricaria Chamomilla, Melissa Officinalis and Withania Somnifera. Matricaria Chamomilla (Chamomile Powder) is well known for its calming effects on horses and also helps to improve appetite. Melissa Officinalis (lemon balm) is a gentle calmer that helps soothe the gut and Withania Somnifera (ashwagandha) is also commonly used for its relaxing effect. Combined this blend of herbs will help reduce nervousness and excitability.

These key ingredients are all combined on a ground alfalfa base, which itself helps neutralise the stomach acid and lessen the risk of ulcers developing.

Alfalfa, Lecithin 50%, Calcareous Marine Algae, ActiSaf, Pectin, Alusil Et Sodium Alumin, Matricaria Chamomilla (Chamomile), Soya Oil, Melissa Officinalis (Lemon Balm), Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha).

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  Recommended Maintenance
Pony < 450kg    100gm (1 scoop) 50gm (1/2 scoop)
Horse > 450kg 200gm (2 scoops) 100gm (1 scoop)

150ml level scoop = 100gm

Feed at maintenance levels as part of a daily routine, increasing the level fed to the recommended amount at times of stress such as when travelling, competing or periods of high intensity work.

For more tailored advice for your horse of pony please visit Feeding Made Easy

Nutritional Analysis
Digestible Energy 4.00 MJ/Kg
Oil 4.00 %
Protein 5.00 %
Fibre 7.50%
Ash 18.00 %
Calcium 6.00 %
Phosphorus 0.10 %
Sodium 0.50 %
Salt 0.20 %
Magnesium 1.20 %
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