Banana Mash 1kg

Banana Mash 1kg

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Key Points:

  • With Banana Chips
  • A great way to help improve fluid intake.
  • Ideally for use post training, when travelling or at competitions.

Bananas are both nutritious, palatable and soft for horses that struggle to chew and digest due to old age or illness.

Bananas contain Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamin B6, B12, C and D. Potassium is an electrolyte essential for muscle contraction and relaxation. Magnesium supports muscle function and relaxation which supports recovery which is ideal for post training. Bananas also contain B Vitamins which helps convert carbohydrates and fats into energy. Vitamin C supports the immune system and helps with tissue repair. Vitamin D for strong bones and teeth in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

Soaking Guide: Soak for 10 minutes with a minimum of equal volumes of dry feed and water or to your preferred consistency.

Selected Soya Hulls, Banana Chips, Molglo Plus, Soya Oil, Salt.

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Soaking Guide: Soak for 10 minutes with a minimum of equal volumes of dry feed and water or to your preferred consistency.

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Nutritional Analysis
Digestible Energy 9.00 MJ/Kg
Oil 9.00 %
Protein 10.00 %
Fibre 25.00 %
Ash 4.50 %
Starch 4.50 %
Sugar 9.00 %
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