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16th March 2018 by Rowen Barbary

A good start to the year

A good start to the year

This year started with expansion here at CJC – I was a little worried when I decided to commit to a 20 box yard with potential for 25 if I wanted them! – Within 3 weeks they were all full with Competition, Schooling, Full and Sales liveries – massive relief - and some lovely new owners have joined the team. Due to this expansion, a growth in my team was also needed. Lily my lovely apprentice and Jen who works part-time have both moved with me and increased their hours to help out. Tamara has joined the team and fits in really well with us all and Megan who came to do a couple of weeks work experience from Reaseheath is now also joining the team part-time.  I know I would not be able to do this without a good reliable team around me, who have the same ethics and who put the horse's welfare first. I am so lucky to have managed to achieve this so quickly. They all work extremely hard and their love of the horses shines through.

So life has been a bit of a rollercoaster – it’s a good job I am mega organised!! Apart from being thwarted by the Beast from the East for a few days and losing a weekend competing.  I have been working hard to get the event horses fit, with lots of hacking, schooling and some dressage and show jumping competitions.

We had a great start to the year with dressage for Jasper and Gandalf who were both brilliant. Gandalf did a nice test in the Prelim 7 for 70.45% taking 4th place and then a lovely test in the Prelim 12 for 77.04%; just pipped into 2nd place - so pleased with how he progressed and his great attitude today. Jasper did a great test in the Novice 30 for 69.45% taking 2nd place and then another lovely test in the Elementary 43 for 70% for another 2nd place - he was just a joy to ride.


Skye who now has a lovely new owner who thankfully decided to leave her with me to bring on and compete has been out competing.  She competed in arena eventing doing a lovely double clear for 2nd place and won her BS novice class also stepping up to her first 1m just rolling a pole – so looking forward to eventing her.

Super cob Flower went double clear to win a Discovery-class followed by another double clear for a 2nd and has now stepped up to Newcomers with a couple of double clears, I never imaged she had so much scope and she makes 1.10m easy.

Baby Alice who came to me in December to be backed and ridden away, has been hacking well and is now starting to get the hang of her education in the school and has even done some trotting poles and a little jump – talented baby.

Alice all trimmed

At Unaffiliated Showjumping; Donny (who came for a few weeks on sales livery and now has a lovely new home) was great and jumped a fantastic double clear for 2nd place. Little Taz was brilliant and won his class, Izzy riding Boots also won their class. Taz also competed in Arena Eventing doing 2 fantastic double clears for 3rd place in the 80cm and 2nd place in the 90cm.

At another dressage outing I rode 4 horses in 8 tests and won 8 Rosettes! So pleased with how all the horses went - In the prelim 2 test Alfie came 1st with a cracking 74%, Taz was great and came 2nd with 70%, lovely Donny was 6th with 66%, then in the Prelim 18 Alfie came 2nd with 73%, Donny 4th with a lovely 70.19% and Taz 5th with another 70% test, Jasper competed in the Novice 24 coming 4th with 70% and he did a fab test in the Elementary 50 for 73% taking 2nd place, how lucky am I to ride such talented horses.

I am so looking forward to getting out eventing and have lots of plans for the season, I am keeping my fingers crossed that it all goes to plan as sometimes the horses seem to have different ideas, although at the moment I think perhaps the weather may well make the first change to my plans!!