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14th September 2016 by Rowen Barbary

A leap of faith can take you along way! - Sarah Tomkins

A leap of faith can take you along way! - Sarah Tomkins

Apologies for such a delayed blog but hopefully everyone has kept up on my Facebook updates, I have finally found a moment to write up a blog whilst making the 4 hr plus journey to Richmond Horse Trials. The most important thing to be said is THANK YOU... Thank you for having the faith in my story and goals to have given me the support of your sponsorship packages, we were a little behind on our goals last year but this has proven to not be a bad thing and I am very nearly there now!

Since my sponsorship renewal, we have had a play around with feeds. Neo is now on ReadyMashExtra along with Calm 'N' Easy which is working really well for him, he is far less stressful this season and even allowing me to stand and have conversations when mounted and he also hasn't wind sucked on the entering of the competition arena. We didn't register him until the 2nd half of season given that he had so long out with his hymotoma on his stifle, I also decided I would run him a little closer together to improve our bond at a competition without overrunning him.

First, we did Upton House Horse Trials where they put on their first intermediate class which proved a real hit with many top riders, Neo came straight out to jump a fantastic double clear, his dressage was much improved although last to go of the day and the judge wasn't impressed but we know there is a difference and that's what matters. Next we did Cholmondeley Castle Horse Trials Open Intermediate on my 30th birthday which resulted in an another double clear and 9th place, we were dancing around the score tent to see we had gained a rosette with a dressage mark which reflected his behaviour a 33, the best birthday present I could have asked for, and after this I knew we were ready for my first 2* at Somerford Park International. He again went well in the dressage bar the walk and some tension in the first canter but the competition was very very hot so I wasn't surprised by a 72nd position if not a little disappointed.  We walked the cross country course on the Friday evening ready to go back on the Sunday, I was quite happy with the course and picked up valuable tips from Andy Heffernan who I was lucky enough to do work experience with a few moons ago, what seemed a nice course grew into something gynomous over 2 nights sleeping on it, I arrived early Sunday morning and went straight to Paul Simms for a prep talk and calm my anxiety...

What was all the fuss about? We breezed it and he made it feel incredibly easy along with the clear showjumping moving us up to 33rd position, you have no idea how thrilled I was and the confidence I gained for that is invaluable and to top it off I see Oliver told Horse & Hound what a challenging course it was! So next entry to be made is Little Downham advanced... Please keep everything crossed for us! After his three runs he has dropped weight so he is now on Sumo Muscle Builder as well!

Coton Rainbow Star aka Holly is currently on the back of the lorry and is running in her first intermediate class tomorrow, she has performed well this season gaining a 9th at Upton House in the Novice & a 5th at Homme House Novice before sailing around Somerford Park International 1*, unfortunately, having two poles down showjumping putting us down to 53rd out of 120 not bad at all.

HONULULU is also on the lorry and is also doing her first intermediate, Lulu has had to chase her clear rounds xc to qualify for tomorrow after having a silly run out at Weston and then someone cutting infront of our track at Chepstow, it hasn't been her season with getting balloted and abandoned until her run at Cholmondeley where she jumped double clear for 6th, then she was kicked the morning of Homme House and had to withdraw followed by being last on the waitlist at Somerford so I managed a late entry into Llanymynech where we got our last clear cross country, phew... She hasn't done a huge amount having had a year out with a skin reaction but this mare is a lion and I have always felt so brave on her so going around a novice is like jumping a 90... Very excited for our first intermediate!

Young Joey has been an absolute Saint, he has many admirers along with show jump trainer who insists I don't push him for 5 yo classes as he is my one for the future so we have only played around quietly and he has done two BE90 both clear cross country like he has done it a hundred times, he is very exciting and will finish his season with a couple of BE100s

Sonnet to Shannon pony has been on a role with Kelsall 1st, Llanymynech 1st, Berriwood 2nd, Stafford 2nd, Homme House 2nd and then omg 10th at the Llanymynech 2 ooops dressage judge took a dislike and put a stop to our role but still a rosette so hay ho! His full brother Salute to Shannon was also a real pleasure to compete and one of the easiest horses I've ever had to ride in all three phases we had a 3rd at Llanymynech, 2nd at Berriwood and a win at the Riding Club Area Horse Trials, we had Homme House Novice in sight but unfortunately the owner has put him with a young rider who is aiming him for young rider Europeans, exciting for the owner, disappointing for me but I definitely can't offer any young rider trials at the grand young age of 30 haha

We seem to have been in the lorry every weekend, it's been a busy season and a very good one but the best is yet to come, I am so excited that the horses are all feeling and performing so well that they are all making a step up a level... #bravepants #kickon #horseeofthefuture #readymashextra #calm&easy #show&glow #sumomusclebuilder

Using Rown Barbary Stud Mix the difference is unbelievable, my broodmare ran out of mix and my supplier didn't get any in soon enough so I had to purchase a different brand, in just 2 weeks her condition was down but as soon as we put her back on Rowen Barbary the effects were noticeable in barely a week, hugely recommend, my foal has also been helping herself to her mums hard feed from an early age and her frame and condition has been second to non!

Many thanks all for your support