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8th May 2016 by Rowen Barbary

A month of Variety - Charlotte Clewlow

A month of Variety - Charlotte Clewlow

April has been a month of variety I have ridden about 15 different horses, whilst trying to dodge the rain and hail.

The month started with the good news that Joey’s fracture was healing well – in fact, the x-ray showed it healed, the vets gave me permission to start turning him out – sedated of course, unfortunately on his 2nd time out he went very lame on the injured leg and the X ray showed he had re-opened the fracture – gutted is an understatement, so now the poor boy is back on 8 weeks box rest then another x-ray!! We are just hoping this is just a little hiccup in his recovery!

The babies have all progressed well, Pippa and Fly have both jumped small courses at home and have now gone home to be ridden by their owners.

Katie has come back after her break and has remembered most of what she learnt – very excited about her as she shows real talent – fed on Rowen Barbary Ready Mash.

Paddy has been out competing for being as consistent as ever, he jumped a foot perfect double clear in the Discovery for 4th place, then went to Kelsall in the BE100 with a nice dressage test for (in our opinion a harsh!) 34.3, then jumped fantastically and went double clear inside the time, to take 9th place – powered by Rowen Barbary Ready Mash.

I started riding Lottie at the beginning of April and took her to Kelsall for her first event in 2 years (she has been mainly showjumping and doing a little dressage in the last 2 years) in the Novice, she did a lovely dressage test for 29.8 and a super clear show jumping, unfortunately, we had a bit of miscommunication causing a run out at a tricky corner on the cross country, a good educational run. Really excited about what we might be able to achieve together.

The very lovely Mouse a 15.3hh Grey gelding arrived and is with me to compete and then to find him a nice new home. He is working well and had his first outing to Southview combined training, he did a lovely dressage test for 67.5% and jumped nicely just having a couple of unfortunate poles.

I also took Mollie and Lady for our first outing together, very pleased with them both. Mollie went very nicely for 67% and a lovely clear. Lady also did a nice test for 66% and jumped a nice clear, looking forward to eventing these 2 this year.

Basil has been being prepared for Bradwall as his first event this year, he is looking and feeling fantastic, went XC schooling and was flying round and also went to Southview to jump a fantastic double clear in the discovery to win the class.

All this variety in horses, a lesson with Hannah Bate, another lesson with John Garton-Pope, and help from Brett Kenyon and Aileen Feeney have certainly given me the opportunity to learn a lot this month.

I have a lovely new team Teddy Mascot who is yet to have his first outing.

I was so disappointed that Bradwall had to cancel – our fantastic British weather strikes again, I feel for all those who had put the work into the organising for it not to run at last minute. Paddy and Lottie will run as planned at Llanymench and Basil will redirect to Brand Hall.

Looking forward to the forecast sunny May.