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4th October 2019 by Rowen Barbary

BE90 Regional Team Challenge

BE90 Regional Team Challenge

We are delighted to be sponsoring the BE90 Regional Team Challenge taking place at Weston Park Horse Trials on the 12th and 13th October 2019.

We are incredibly lucky that a nationally recognised event such as this is on our doorstep and feel the BE90 Regional Challenge offers a great opportunity for adult riders at the grassroots level of the sport to be able to compete as part of a team.

Janet Plant from Weston Park commented " How good it was to hear from a company that wished to put something back into the sport, this is a company that is fully aware of equestrian needs a tremendous boost to the event.  Without such Sponsorship our sport would never have grown to the world wide scene we see today.  Rowen Barbary’s support of this new BE90 Regional Challenge will help Weston Park put this new BE90 regional Team Challenge on the competition map as a must do in future years helping to enhance the competitor’s experience. "

Taking part in the BE90 Regional Team Challenge representing North Wales & West Midlands is a regular Rowen Barbary customer Stuart Shaw riding his own 7 year old, Carousel Lady.

We wish everyone taking part the BE90 Regional Team Challenge the very best of luck.

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