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27th August 2019 by Rowen Barbary

Benefits of Feeding a Mash

Benefits of Feeding a Mash
Traditionally many horse owners often think a mash should only be fed to older horses or as a warming feed in winter, however mash based products are incredible versatile and are now becoming more and more popular offering a wide range of nutritional benefits. Super Fibres Generally mashes  are a good source of fibre, with many containing “super fibres” like soya hulls or sugar beet pulp which are highly digestible and help support hind gut health.  This is particularly valuable for any horses requiring a diet that is sympathetic on the digestive tract, helping avoid the possible onset of colic or for competition horses  on a higher cereal ration. Hydration By feeding a mash you will also help improve fluid intake, which is incredibly useful both during summer months and over winter when horses often tend to drink less.  Fed at home or at competitions they are incredibly useful to help ensure a horse is kept hydrated, especially for those that don’t like to drink away from home. A wet mash feed will also help to eliminate irritants being inhaled which may affect the respiratory system for horses that have previously suffered from COPD. Dental One of the key benefits of feeding a mash is that they are much easier to chew and digest for older horses, and for those that suffer from dental problems such as diastemas.  By providing a horse with a soft textured mash this will often help improve appetite.   For horses that have previously suffered an episode of choke the soft textured mash will help improve palatability, aiding chewing and swallowing.
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