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28th August 2019 by Rowen Barbary

Body Condition Scoring

Body Condition Scoring
    Score 0 - Emaciated No fatty tissue can be felt; spine, ribs, tailhead, hip joints and lower pelvic bones project prominently.  Marked ewe neck & deep cavity under tail with a large gap between thighs.           Score 1 - Poor Very slight fat covering; spine & ribs easily visible, tailhead &  hip joints prominent with a sunken rump.  Narrow ewe neck with shoulder and neck accentuated.           Score 2 - Moderate Thin layer of fat; slight ridge along back with faint outline of ribs visible.  Hip bones easily visible but rounded.  Withers, shoulder and neck  not obviously thin.           Score 3 - Good Back is flat, ribs not visible but easily felt with rump beginning to appear rounded & hips bones just visible.  Shoulders & neck blend smoothly into body.           Score 4 - Fat May have slight  gutter down back, with ribs & pelvis difficult to feel.  Fat beginning to be deposited along withers, behind shoulders and along sides of neck.             Score 5 - Very Fat Obvious gutter down back, pads of fat over ribs &  tailhead  with withers & shoulders filled with fat.  Thickening of neck, fat deposited along inner thighs.
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All manufacturing at Rowen Barbary is carried out in a state of the art mill located in the heart of the Shropshire countryside. We use only the highest quality ingredients sourced, where possible, from local farms before they are blended by our dedicated team in our UFAS audited mill.

Rowen Barbary also conforms to BETA NOPS guidelines with raw materials & finished feeds regularly laboratory tested to ensure that every bag of feed continues to meet not only ours, but also your high standards.