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28th August 2015 by Rowen Barbary

So busy! - Bella Fricker

So busy! - Bella Fricker

July and August have just been so busy! Most people in the endurance circuit will be aware that I spent the entirety of July, and what felt like full-time hours organising Hanslope, an FEI 2* endurance ride. Hanslope had four international classes as well as several national race ride classes, graded classes and pleasure classes. Rowen Barbary very kindly sponsored the national 80km race, which was won by Julie Kendall riding Perfeq Pacha De Blaziet.

Though it seems like ages ago now, the biggest achievement of July was taking Spanish Heir aka Chip to his first endurance ride on the 12th July at Kings Forest in Suffolk. It was a warm day but Chip coped beautifully and we completed at a perfect speed of 11.2kmph. He ate his Rowen Barbary Soft n Soak ReadyFibre Mash and drank well all day.

Practice is needed for the vetting as he is was very excited by the whole thing but I’m sure he will learn to settle with time. Our next ride planned will be 40km at Boyton Hall, also in Suffolk on the 6th September. I would have really liked to have taken him out in August, but here we are already at the middle of the month with every weekend spoken for!