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28th August 2019 by Rowen Barbary

Caring For The In-Foal Mare

Caring For The In-Foal Mare

The mare’s dietary requirements alter during pregnancy, with nutrition playing a key factor.  During early gestation it is important that the mare is fed a well balanced diet in relation to her body condition and work.  At this stage a high fibre feed such as Rowen Barbary Forage 'n' Fibre is usually sufficient to meet the mare’s requirements.  Providing a versatile low energy diet of natural forages and fibres that is well balanced for oil, protein, energy and essential vitamins and minerals it will ensure that the mare is receiving a well balanced supply nutrients.

In the last three months of pregnancy the mare’s nutrient requirements will increase in order to support the rapid increase in the size of the foetus.  At this stage a stud mix should be introduced to help meet the mares increasing requirements.

Rowen Barbary Stud Mix is a palatable, nutrient dense mix produced to a high specification to meet the extra requirements of broodmares with the correct proportions of energy, protein, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium required during late pregnancy.  By using a nutrient dense mix this will help meet the mare’s requirements as when the foetus develops in size the mare will often start to lose her appetite.

Using highly digestible ingredients that are balanced to provide concentrated sources of energy, protein, vitamins and minerals Rowen Barbary Stud Mix is especially formulated to meet the higher nutritional demands of broodmares during pregnancy and lactation.