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10th June 2016 by Rowen Barbary

Charlotte & Kelpie: THE FULL STORY

Charlotte & Kelpie: THE FULL STORY
We recently published an article on Charlotte and Kelpie, but that was only a snapshot of the journey that they have been on together over the last few years.  Here is the full story, unedited bar a few product names being removed (we don't want to get into any trouble) . March 2015 Charlotte first contacted the Rowen Barbary Team as Kelpie had been scoped and diagnosed with ulcers and was looking for a replacement feed: "My horse currently has been scoped and produced grade 1/2 ulceration and I was interested in your feed as a replacement to.........................  . However, please can I ask if there are any sample packs available as I am worried in case Kelpie is intolerant to any ingredients, specifically soya as he's not been introduced this before".   It was recommended that Kelpie try the Solution Mash, so a sample was sent to try.  He loved the feed and was soon thriving on it. May 2015 Charlotte & Kelpie hit a few hurdles on the road to recovery.... "Kelpie had been scoped for ulcers, was cleared at beginning of May with the help of Solution Mash, but was unfortunately hit by a car around a week later.  We then managed to get him back on the road after around two weeks before he seriously bolted at the end of May and was diagnosed with kissing spine".  June 2015  On the 17th June, 2015 Kelpie has back surgery. October 2015 "I tried to change his feed to a cheaper alternative in October which was the worst mistake I did, causing him to colic. Luckily it was a very mild case that eased with 45 minutes walking and close observation. Scary thing was that something that we see as natural product ..............  had caused his stomach it becomes very sensitive (too high in sugar) and after switching back to Solution Mash, his ulcer sensitivity has come right down again.  With only half a scoop feed he's put back on the weight he dropped with the feed change". December 2015 On the 2nd December, 2015 Charlotte has her first ride back on Kelpie following the surgery in June and is pleased with his progress.  "Please do not change the makings of Solution Mash as this is our 2nd winter and wow what a difference". April 2016 A change is not always a good one... "I do have to hold my hand up and upon attempting to change his feed to ....................  fairly recently and we had  ulcer flare up again.  Feel so silly but  ..............  did nothing and believe the ....................  and .............  irritates him way to much as he really is a sensitive soul.   Photo April 24th is coming out of winter attempting to change feed over 17 day period to ...............  (didn't even complete the transition/winter coat) = Ulcers and very highly reactive as noted by physio". May 2016 "Transitioned back to Solution Mash and some linseed and had to add Omeprazole medication but very happy to touch even knowing we are not completely resolved. Physio is happy with ulcer points and can note a huge improvement". "Please may I ask one request, that I publicly thank yourselves for creating such feed but to all staff at Cotts Equine, especially John Edwards as I feel without their support Kelpie would not be with me today.  They have been at the end of every phone call or email, providing outstanding care and so passionate". "Finally, I must add that our ulcer journey has been one of the most mentally and emotionally draining experience to date, but luckily I have two healthy children that can help distract me when needed. A large amount of 'ulcer friendly' feeds, methods and tricks available are very scary for horsey owners and can actually have adverse effects as I found out whilst trying to switch feeds to one that is meant to be all-natural and better for horse (won't be doing that again).  One thing I will take away is the old saying 'horses for courses' as even though some people suggest GM soya is bad, etc..   Solution Mash has literally been the ONLY feed that he reacts well to and so he will be on this until his end". I think that we would all agree Charlotte has done an amazing job with Kelpie, and I think her story really sums up the highs and low of horse ownership.  Through it all she has remained incredibly positive and always tried to do her best by Kelpie but we hope that by sharing her experience it will help anyone who finds themself in a similar situation. Becky, Rowen Barbary Team
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