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7th December 2015 by Rowen Barbary

Dodging the rain - Charlotte Clewlow

Dodging the rain - Charlotte Clewlow

I seem to have spent a lot of time trying to dodge the rain during November – thinking we all need flippers or webbed feet!!

After a month without competing, I couldn’t wait to get out again - Joey and Bertie went to the fantastically organised arena eventing at Kelsall Hill and despite the persistent wind and rain they both did well. Bertie (who is for sale) took 3rd place in the 90cm class just 1 second over the optimum time and Joey did a lovely round just 2 seconds over the optimum time in the 100cm which put him in a disappointing 7th.  I was glad to get home that day and get warm and dry!

Dylan has gone to his new home,  he will be missed but he has gone to a lovely new home and I wish him and Emily all the best, I am sure they will have lots of success. When I look back at the last 14 months with him we achieved a lot together, he rarely went to a competition without coming home with a rosette, from riding club show jumping and dressage, to winning the first BE event I did on him and also a number of BS classes including a win in the last class I rode him in. Sarah and Hannah (Dylan’s owners) wrote a lovely testimonial for me that can be found on my website

One planned event was cancelled due to the rain and the wet ground, so between showers, I had some fun with Basil and Joey practising triple bars and skinny’s with them both jumping alone upright barrel to finish. These horses are getting to be super straight and should storm round XC next season.

The end of November saw an outing to Southview to jump in the BS Discovery Bluechip qualifier, Bertie jumped a lovely round with just a very unfortunate pole, very pleased with him. Joey was great in the first round for a lovely clear and Basil with Lyndsay also jumped a nice clear. The jump-off wasn’t to be Lyndsay went first and unfortunately had the first fence down, at this point there were only 3 clears so she put her foot down but had an unfortunate pilot error for another 4 faults. Joey thought he knew his way around (I think going in twice confuses him – only used to going once eventing!) and was most confused by the change of course to take a couple of poles out. At least being indoors we were dry but it was cold!!

The day ended with my doing a contortionist act to help a friend who dropped her iPad between the boards and the wall of the school – a gap of about 5 inches see the picture of just my fingers showing!!

I am very pleased with my horses’ condition and feel that the lovely shiny coats that really show through when they are clipped is due to the Rowan Barbary feed they are fed.

I am looking forward to the rain stopping and starting to get ready for Christmas, whilst counting the days until the spring!!