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2nd December 2015 by Rowen Barbary

Does the season ever really end? - Bella Fricker

Does the season ever really end? - Bella Fricker

Well it’s been a while since I last did a blog, mostly because it’s been the end of the season and we’re supposed to be on down time! It doesn’t feel like I’ve stopped yet though to be honest!

I’ve taken Chip to a few pleasure/training rides which I’m using for canter work as the ground has got too wet to do anything more than trot at home. Chip is coming on leaps and bounds and his behaviour is improving with every outing. We had a very fast 30km at the end of October in beautiful weather and a much colder 24km just last weekend.

I’ve also had a little jumping session at Milton Keynes Eventing Centre with Chip and have a few more lined up for December.  Cross-training is a really important tool for working different muscles and building their fitness which I try to use all season. At the moment, my main aim is just to keep Chip’s brain in gear and concentrating as I’m finding he’s quite a cheeky monkey if things are too easy!

This weekend I attended the EGB awards dinner which was a lovely event to go to. Unfortunately, I didn’t win any awards this year, but it makes me want to work all the harder next year! In the YR committee meaning I took on the role of fundraising coordinator so will be striving to raise funds for the YR team for the Europeans next year and for YRs as a whole. I’ve got lots of ideas lined up so I’m excited to see what I can do!

The EGB 2016 calendar is almost finalised so I’ve started some provisional planning. The main aim for next year will be to qualify and hopefully go to the YR European Championship in Portugal, 2-4th September. With my own horse, the aim will also be to qualify but only for his first 1* either at the end of 2016 or early 2017. The FEI qualification system requires two 40-79km rides and two 80-90km rides. He has already done one 42km so the plan will be to do another 40km, a 64km and then two 80kms – venues to be decided!