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28th August 2019 by Rowen Barbary

Feeding the Dressage Horse for Controlled Performance

Feeding the Dressage Horse for Controlled Performance
Dressage is a sport that requires the horse to execute precise manoeuvres whist maintaining relaxation, rhythm and suppleness and feeding to achieve all of these aims can be difficult.  Too much energy and the control and concentration may be lost, too little energy and the horse may lack the power and impulsion required to perform at its best. For horses that are prone to excitable behaviour and for those that lack condition Rowen Barbary ReadyMash Extra can be fed.  High in digestible fibre it helps provide an excellent source of slow release for horses prone to unpredictable behaviour, and with a high level of essential oils and milk powders it is formulated to encourage controlled weight gain.  Fed soaked as a soft textured mash it is extremely useful to feed to horses that have difficulty eating traditional concentrates, for instance for those suffering from dental problems or choke. For horses in medium to hard work that lack stamina a high oil diet should be fed.  These types of horses will often initially perform well but will lack the stamina required to perform in multiple tests.  Containing a blend of linseed and soya oil supported by key antioxidants Rowen Barbary Condition & Performance helps to supply an extremely beneficial source of slow release energy to help improve stamina and condition in horses and ponies requiring a higher calorie feed.  Also added is Calcareous Marine Algae, Brewers Yeast,  Seaweed, Spearmint and Garlic to help promote overall well-being to help keep your horse in peak condition. If you have a horse that is naturally laid back Rowen Barbary Pro Ultra contains a blend of highly digestible, cooked flaked cereals to provide instant, fast release energy which is ideal for those that require more sparkle.  Linseed and Soya Oil help support stamina and combined with quality protein sources encourage overall condition.  Calcareous Marine Algae and Yeasacc 1026 are added to support gut health, along with a full complement of  B group Vitamins to help reinvigorate horses feeling run down. Special consideration must be made when feeding the dressage horse for optimum performance, but this does not have to be complicated.  Forage should be kept at the forefront of the diet fed alongside a good quality concentrate feed that has been specifically formulated to meet the demands of the dressage horse.  This will allow the horse to reach its full potential.
About Rowen Barbary

All manufacturing at Rowen Barbary is carried out in a state of the art mill located in the heart of the Shropshire countryside. We use only the highest quality ingredients sourced, where possible, from local farms before they are blended by our dedicated team in our UFAS audited mill.

Rowen Barbary also conforms to BETA NOPS guidelines with raw materials & finished feeds regularly laboratory tested to ensure that every bag of feed continues to meet not only ours, but also your high standards.

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