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24th June 2016 by Rowen Barbary

Fantastic News To Share - Donna Bamonte

Fantastic News To Share - Donna Bamonte

Finally!!!, my first blog for everyone since joining "Team RB".. I've been looking forward to updating you all on what we have been up to and I'm pleased to say I have some fantastic news to share.

The 2016 season for us had not struck off to a good start. Plagued with various, Jak had foot issues, topped off with a big dollop of wet weather meant not quite having the ingredients to the start the show season that we needed. Despite this, I was still determined to get out to some shows, trying hard to keep to my season's schedule.

We enjoyed some success with Noble Jack back in April who has been exceeding my expectations every time we go out. "Jake" as he is known at home came to me in November and I have spent the winter slowly educating him with an aim to compete in some local events and possibly agricultural shows later on through the year. I am hoping to eventually campaign him as a Retrained Racehorse and possibly some Large Riding Horse classes in the future, all being well.

Since Jake has been with me we have already been in the red ribbons, even taking the Supreme Champion spot at the "Weaving Dreams Show" at Mullacott Equestrian Centre in North Devon. I found this a lovely little show to introduce any novice or young horse to show, Jake is certainly the epitome of what an ex-racehorse is all about and I am finding his progress very fulfilling and this space!!!

"His Royal Highness" aka Valentine Jak has already given me a thrilling result by qualifying for HOYS in the SEIB Racehorse to Riding Horse of the Year final. This is very much a prestigious competition to participate in, with only twelve horses selected from over two hundred throughout the season. It is lovely that South Essex Insurance Brokers put on this series and is really gives these ex-racehorses a chance to shine. Jak has managed to qualify four times now, sadly missing 2013 however we were 6th in 2014 and 4th in 2015, so to qualify again is thrilling and exciting... I can't wait for October!!!

We are off to Hickstead next weekend for the ROR (Retraining of Racehorses) Show Final which Jak has qualified for. This is always a lovely weekend as many of my fellow ROR enthusiasts from all over the country come together for this yet again the main event in the ROR calendar. I have promised Jak that after Hickstead the rest of the season will be spent taking part in fun activities such as Show Jumping, some Cross Country and fun rides prior to HOYS. ( I hope he listened) He has certainly earned some fun after all he has given me...he owes me nothing!!