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28th August 2019 by Rowen Barbary

Feeding the Active Veteran

Feeding the Active Veteran
If you have a veteran that shows no specific age related problems and is still enjoying an active life then the main priority is to continue to feed a suitable ration according to body weight and workload.  If you feel your veteran may benefit from a senior specific feed then there are many specialist feeds on the market which are designed to supply elevated nutrients levels to help alleviate the symptoms that bring on the ageing process. If your veteran requires additional calories these are best sourced from high oil feeds or supplements, which will help ensure body condition is maintained.  Although fibre should be kept at the forefront of the diet veteran horses often become less efficient at absorbing nutrients from the feed, so it is worth considering whether he would benefit from a digestive enhancer. If you are worried about joint health, especially if competing on hard ground, consider a feed or supplement designed to help support joint mobility.  This will also help reduce any signs of stiffness which may become more notable after strenuous exercise. Veteran horse will also often benefit from increased level of Vitamin C and Vitamin E to help boost the immune system. Dental problems are also common in older horses, teeth should be routinely checked and if you notice that your veteran is showing signs of laboured chewing then it may be time to introduce mash based feeds that will be easier to chew and swallow.
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