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28th August 2019 by Rowen Barbary

Feeding the Mare & Foal

Feeding the Mare & Foal

There are a number of factors to consider when caring for the broodmare and later when she has a foal at foot, with the nutritionally well being of her and her foal being at the foremost of every owners mind.

During early gestation it is important that the mare is fed a well balanced diet in relation to her body condition and work, but it is seen how in the last three months of pregnancy the mare’s nutrient requirements will increase so a well balanced concentrate should be fed to help meet with the higher nutritional demands.

After birth the foal will rely on the mare for the nutritional needs but at they grow older they become more independent, exploring the paddock and spending more time away from their mares side.  Typically foals should be introduced to concentrate feeds at around 8-12 weeks of age, at a rate of 1% of the foals body weight per day (1kg/100kg of body weight).