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21st June 2021 by Rowen Barbary

Gastric Ulcers - Case Study

Gastric Ulcers - Case Study
I was lucky enough to trial the new Rowen Barbary Acti-Soothe formula on Rathdown.  He’s a leggy 7 year old 75% TB who has had a slow start to eventing with the interruption of Covid, although the time had most likely been the making of him as he was a lean gangly sort who shows ulcer type signs around the girth, weight wise and has a tendency to be spooky and sharp. This year he has really gained weight and his girth area is much less sensitive for the physio but he seems even more anxious which has made him more difficult to train this season but I would explain him as an over thinker - he always wants to please but goes a step to far!  Therefore, Acti-Soothe seemed an ideal supplement for him, formulated to enhance digestion with added calming ingredients for the nervous horse to help with anxiety. I wanted to try it mostly for the events so using it before and during competitions and it showed a definite improvement.  At his first stay away show we expected the change of routine to upset his stomach, but Rathdown coped well.  He was far calmer than normal as well as being able to process the quick questions asked of him XC without him feeling at all stressed like he has done previously. We will definitely be keeping Rath on this new supplement!
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