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7th February 2016 by Rowen Barbary

Happy to see January end – hoping February will be better!! - Charlotte Clewlow

Happy to see January end – hoping February will be better!! - Charlotte Clewlow

January started with the calendars going up, plans being made and the season in sight!!

Some of my plans now seem to have gone up in smoke!

The month began well with all the horses feeling and working well.

4-year-old Katie who arrived at the beginning of the month had a week of groundwork (a lot had already been done by her owners) and they proved to be easy to start. She is coming on in leaps and bounds, hacking out regularly in a company to help her think forward and enjoy the work. Her limited time in the school is being used to help her balance and transitions. She has even had a little jump. I am so impressed with her attitude so far nothing phases her, she is just taking it all in her stride.

We had an outing to Aintree for some BS, I arrived in agony with a toothache! A quick visit to the local pharmacist and a number of pain killers later I was able to ride Paddy and Basil. Paddy on his first outing since his holiday was very pleased to be out and jumped a lovely clear in the first round, just having a slip (very unusual in an indoor school!) that meant he could not possibly jump the next fence in the jump-off. He also competed in the Discovery with just a pole down. So pleased with him he looks and feels fantastic fed on Rowen Barbary Ready Mash.  Basil was in a very spooky mood and decided to really enthusiastic towards the fence then spook at the last minute – not a very smooth round! We took Joey that day too but as by 4 pm they still had not started the jump-off for class 2 we decided that it had been a long day, plus it was blowing a gale and snowing outside. A decision I now regret!!

Joey came in from the field the day after Aintree lame with an injury just below his hock – the vet came out and suggested that we take him to surgery to make sure his hock was not infected. Shockingly the x-ray showed he had in fact fractured his leg!! He is now heavily bandaged and on box rest for the foreseeable future. A few days after starting box rest as if one life-threating injury is not enough he developed colic with a small impaction – fortunately after 3 days of treatment that seems to have now settled down – touch wood. Joey is surviving on Rowen Barbary Ready Mash Extra as it is ideal being a sloppy food and also should help him maintain some of his condition as he is eating very little.  We are hoping with careful management and if we can keep his leg infection-free that he will eventually make a full recovery – but he has a long road ahead of him.

Please send him lots of positive vibes – I cannot put into words how much I love this boy.

Paddy and Basil went to Kelsall arena eventing – Basil’s debut – he was great going double clear at a good pace, fast for Basil really, so pleased with him. Paddy jumped beautifully until I think the low sun meant he didn’t see the fence – this upset him and he bronked – a very funny experience as so out of character for him I did stay on, it definitely amused the audience! An early finish and home. An early finish to get home and realise that my hand hurt quite a lot - 3hrs in A&E to find out I have fractured a bone in my hand! Fortunately, its fingers strapped together so will be Ok quickly. I don't think January has been my month!!!

Looking forward to the spring and the start of the event season