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30th September 2015 by Rowen Barbary

Highs and lows, but mostly highs! - Bella Fricker

Highs and lows, but mostly highs! - Bella Fricker

Since the last blog I’ve been out and about quite a bit. Mid-August saw me complete another 80km at Cranwich, Suffolk riding a horse I’d not competed on before, Yawl Hill Pollyana. She gave me such an easy ride I felt like we’d hardly been anywhere! We finished with a Grade 2 and took 4th place in the performance formula (which takes into account speed and final pulse).

The following week I went to one of the most popular rides in the calendar, Barbury Castle, to crew my friend round her horse’s first race ride. He finished third!

Fast forward to the first week in September and it was my own horse, Chip’s turn out for his second endurance ride at Boyton Hall, Suffolk. Chip gave me an awesome ride and finished with a Grade 1!!! This is where Rowen Barbary Mash comes into its own as it keeps the horses so well hydrated and subsequently gives awesome recovery rates!

The next weekend I attempted another CEIYJ2* 120km race with Yawl Hill Maverick at Keysoe, Beds, who I completed my first 120km with back in May at Kings Forest, Suffolk. He led the first loop and then we rode with competitor Charlie Chadwick for the next two. At 100km Maverick was still pulling and feeling amazing but was unfortunately vetted out slightly lame in the re-inspection just before the last loop. Though I was hugely disappointed, I’m still really proud because 100km is a long way to go and he was a dream to ride so it was still an accomplishment.

Last weekend was Chip’s turn again, this time to try his hand at a 40km at Lions Tail, near Melton Mowbray. He felt the best he’s ever felt, with some naughty behaviour at the start and finished really well with a Grade 2. This counts toward his first FEI qualification!!! Overall I couldn’t be happier with him, he’s come on such a long way since I bought him back at the end of May. He’s completed his three novice rides now so could upgrade to Open (longer distances and faster speeds).

I plan to complete just one more 40km at Novice with him this season and then we can start our 2016 season as Open and begin doing some longer rides.