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9th March 2018 by Rowen Barbary

It’s Spring!?

It’s Spring!?

As I sit typing out my first blog in spring, I'm currently sat almost on top of the log burner looking out on to a very white, snowy valley. Our days have been starting off filling up 4/6 water buckets of hot water and steadily carrying them down to the yard so the horses can have their hot Readymash Extra and some warm water to drink. This has become a routine three times a day for the past week due to so much ice and now snow. Though last night whilst doing late night checks I was inside filling buckets to turn around and see a snowy, wet Gareth. He had only gone and slipped on the snow and fell flat on his back spilling the buckets everywhere, I can't believe I missed it. Though I must say he wasn't hurt just a bit cold and wet.

We are very fortunate that we don't get weather like this very often down in the South West. The horses are getting a bit frustrated as they aren't hunting at the moment and they are all fit and ready to go. However their minds are soon taken off hunting when they smell their warm Mash coming. We are making it a little bit wetter than normal to make sure they are getting as much fluid intake as possible whilst the taps are all frozen. As a treat I've been adding some Beetroot Mash in just to keep them sweet.

The preparations for the show season are well and truly underway. With all owners having lists of shows and qualifiers, memberships getting sorted and horses attending a few Pre-Season Clinics. This season sees a few new faces to the Team and a new ride for me too. I'm really looking forward to starting the season now but I would like the sun to come out soon.

We managed to get Roxy out to Bicton Arena to do a bit of Show jump training last weekend. She has only left the ground once and that was very interesting indeed, realising it was easier to knock them over then jump!! However I must give her some credit as she seemed to grow in confidence and produced some lovely shapes over the fences, not being bothered by fillers. I think I may have a Working Hunter on my hands.

Hopefully next time I write my blog I will be sat outside in the sun, catching a tan! Ha.

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