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7th August 2020 by Rowen Barbary

Stay Hydrated!

Stay Hydrated!
Hot weather is always enjoyable however, it can lead to a variety of effects on the horses health such as dehydration, lethargy and heat stress. During periods of hot weather it is important to ensure your horse is comfortable. Top tips to keep your Horse comfortable:
  1. Keep your horse hydrated.
Provide fresh cool water, so it appeals to the horse and encourages intake of fluids. Horses may also benefit from a source of electrolytes to balance the internal PH levels as well as hydrating the horse when it is sweating. Rowen Barbary's Re-Hydrate is a water-soluble glucose base used to maintain fluid and electrolyte balance, before, during or after prolonged sweating or strenuous exercise. Provides essential minerals for recovery and optimum performance. The Re-hydrate works very well alongside our Treat mashes which are palatable and a great way to help improve the water intake.
  1. Keep your horse Cool.
Provide shade for your horse during the day. Providing shelter allows horses relieve themselves from direct sunlight. If shade cannot be provided throughout the day, it would be best turning out horses during the cooler periods of the day or overnight. Horses with thick or long coats particularly horses with Cushing’s Symptoms, may benefit from being clipped. Other horses without these factors benefit from their summer coat as it protects against UV rays. Avoid sunburn through the use of sun cream and UV protection rugs such as some fly sheets. Horses particularly susceptible to sunburn are those with Pink noses, white socks and blazes, white horses as well as scarred areas on a horse. Reduce the Workload, it is important to maintain your horses normal schedule, however, it is best to ride early morning or late evening to avoid the hottest times of the day as well as shorter less intense sessions.
About Rowen Barbary

All manufacturing at Rowen Barbary is carried out in a state of the art mill located in the heart of the Shropshire countryside. We use only the highest quality ingredients sourced, where possible, from local farms before they are blended by our dedicated team in our UFAS audited mill.

Rowen Barbary also conforms to BETA NOPS guidelines with raw materials & finished feeds regularly laboratory tested to ensure that every bag of feed continues to meet not only ours, but also your high standards.

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