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2nd November 2020 by Rowen Barbary

Lewis Carriers Latest Blog!

Lewis Carriers Latest Blog!

It has been a tough year for sure but I hope everyone has stayed healthy and positive pursuing their passion for horses.


2020 has turned into a super year for me, with a successful trip to the Europeans in Hungary, followed by an even more successful trip to Keysoe for the October CDI - did I forget to mention, three personal bests and three wins from three in the Keysoe U25!


Nothing ever goes quite as you’d hope, and Keysoe brought some horrible wet weather, but with good planning and preparation, you can only do your best on the day.


Both Keysoe and Hungary organisers had to work hard, with constantly changing news concerning COVID-19, and my experience was that most participants stuck to the rules, but there’s no getting away from the fact that the atmosphere was subdued at both events.


Diego was really up for Keysoe; I don’t know if it was the relief when he realised the journey to the event was over after a two-hour drive - it will take him some time to forget the four-day trek to Hungary!


I prepared for Keysoe just the same as I did for Hungary, taking more than enough hay and haylage, and the Rowen Barbary Ready Mash Extra for Diego’s three hard feeds each day. I am very lucky that Diego never has a problem with his feed. He eats everything, and he will get through as much as I give him, but, with a good exercise regime, he has been at a happy weight for a long time.


Back to my success at Keysoe! I’ve worked out that the extra points earned from three strong tests should mean I will be in the world top 20 at U25, when the new rankings come out at the end of October (assuming a couple of riders from continental Europe don’t also improve on their previous scores). Something else to look forward to!