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23rd September 2020 by Rowen Barbary

Lewis heads to the dressage European Championships in Hungary!

Lewis heads to the dressage European Championships in Hungary!

Lewis Carriers blog for his experience at the dressage European Championships 2020!!!


What an experience the 2020 U25 European Championships in Hungary was!

We were on the road for eight days, four each way, repeating the same three overnight stops there and back.

Diego was an absolute star the whole trip. I tried to keep things ‘business as usual’ for Diego’s feed on the journey and at the competition venue. He has three hard feeds throughout the day. While travelling, the lunchtime feed was a chance to give Diego a proper break and to allow him to stretch his neck on the lorry.

For practical reasons I took haylage in small bagged bales and I noticed that Diego wasn’t so keen on that as his usual haylage – at home I buy large bales straight from a local producer.

Based on experience travelling horses abroad, I gave Diego a supplement every day to protect his gut. Diego was generally relaxed on the lorry and is a seasoned traveller, but the ferry can be a very different experience for the horses. At the venue he settled into his temporary stable, surrounded by the other GB horses, with Russia, Belgium and Greece in the same block.

Diego’s energy and enthusiasm were high and consistent over the championship but I noticed that most of the other horses, Diego included, were not especially enthusiastic for the second vet inspection and trot-up, before the freestyle on the final day of competition.

More to follow!