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14th July 2017 by Rowen Barbary

Lots of debuts! - Charlotte Clewlow

Lots of debuts! - Charlotte Clewlow

We are all very settled in the new yard - the horses are loving it and are all very relaxed. It is so lovely to have everything on hand, I am able to flat and show jump school outdoors or indoors on fantastic well-maintained surfaces – even at this time of year the indoor has saved us from a soaking or two!! I can hack off-road with superb scenery to enjoy and 100s of optional fences and hedges (really enjoying being able to do some hedgehopping) or hack on very quiet roads. I can cross country school on the field or farm ride and practice dressage tests in a grass arena too – meaning I really can give the horses a variation of schooling and it is easy to keep them fit!

After they have worked, the horses can be easily washed off in either warm or cold water and have heat lamps on if necessary. All making it so much easier to keep the horses fit and well. Great facilities for bringing on the babies too.

Since last writing my yard superstar Paddy has stepped up to BE Novice and completed 4 events, Llanymench was the first one with a 35.3 dressage, a lovely SJ round with unluckily the last pole down and then clear and smack bang on the optimum time XC.

His 2nd Novice was round the beefy track at Brand; 35 Dressage - so much more to come – that pesky rein-back keeping the marks lower, just rolled a couple of poles SJ and then a fantastic clear XC to finish just outside the placing.

Next was Catton Novice with a much-improved dressage score of 29.5 (putting us into 6th), a beautiful clear SJ round but unfortunately, by fence 15 on the XC he didn't quite seem to be responding as normal.  It was an extremely hot day and I think the heat and galloping up the hills really took its toll so I decided to retire and save him for another day! Very disappointing when we were in such a competitive position but he's far too precious and perfect to ever push when he's not happy!

The most recent outing was to Eland Lodge where we produced a lovely test of 32.3 and a great show jump round for clear and then to the big beefy XC course which he jumped with ease putting us in 3rd place so proud of him!

Super cob Flower – who seems to have her own fan club!! Also went to Llanymench to do her debut BE90. Her dressage was as expected although even we thought harshly marked, she was very feisty SJ and just had a pole, then she flew round the XC clear inside the time - really pleased with her.

Just to test her versatility we took her to the Royal Cheshire Show – where she even managed to make showing bearable. She has never before in her life done a Working Hunter class and we went straight in for a HOYS qualifying class. The course was very bold with 2 doubles, 2 stiles, 3 water trays and a combination of 5 fences at the end! Of course, she just went in and took it all in her stride not looking at a thing! A very unfortunate 8 faults (the doubles were strided shorter than she's used too) meaning we were just out of the placing but I'm super pleased with her and she proved once again she really can do anything!

Ken and I did our first novice with a much-improved dressage for 30.5, he was showjumping really well when he slid quite badly and was unfortunately eliminated, following this he had some time off jumping. I took him to Brand as the test rider for CIC* - nice to have the opportunity to wear my tails,  then competed in the Novice dressage and did a beautiful test for 73.5% taking 1st place! Back to eventing  Ken went to Eland lodge in the BE100 open and had a good day with a double clear finishing on his dressage of 32.8 leaving us just outside the placing (in fact in 11th place!), he had a great time and skipped over everything.

My boy Joey has also had a couple of outing – so loving having him back in work,  his first outing since breaking his leg (over 18 months ago) was to dressage  - he is defiantly back, looking fantastic (thanks to Rowen Barbary Ready Mash)  and still deciding to add a few of his own moves to the test getting 64.5% - so happy to have him out again.  We also had an emotional outing to Tushingham for his first show jump outing -  hard to believe that 12 months ago we didn't think he would ever jump again!! He had a couple of poles but he was so happy to be out and seemed very pleased with himself.

Holly and Bill both went to their first dressage competition, they both took it all in their stride and behaved like it was all in a normal day, Holly got 64.5% for 5th place, Bill was just behind her with 64% for 6th place in the Prelim 14. They also had their first competitive showjumping experience and they were fab jumping lovely rounds

Albert had his first outing since being in rehab, a dressage outing where he was a little superstar doing a lovely test for 70% taking 1st place. Such a good little stallion.

And baby Agnes was born – what a beautiful little filly. 

Feeling so lucky to have such talented horses to work with.