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31st March 2018 by Rowen Barbary

Michelle Byard - #RBTeam

Michelle Byard - #RBTeam

Michelle is a full-time paramedic and a grassroots rider with dreams of reaching HOYS. Together with her horse Lux they will be starting their first full season in the show ring this year.

Lets find out a bit more about the latest member of the Rowen Barbary Team........

  • Could you tell us a bit more about Lux?

He’s a 17hh gelding of unknown breeding. Bought to give me back my confidence and love for riding after  two nasty falls from my OTTB that landed me in hospital both times and with a fractured coccyx.

We started out jumping which he really loved but he kept going a bit unlevel in his back end and was always tight in his neck. I know he has arthritis in both hocks so last year the decision was made to ‘ground him’ and we found the show ring. He excelled straight away and usually comes home with a top-two placing and is NEVER out of the ribbons. He pulled his first reserve title on his 7th time in the ring. (Which for a horse who couldn’t canter on the bit until three weeks before was pretty epic)

  • What are your goals for 2018?

Lux is registered with the BSHA and we are looking at county level and other large HOYS qualifier shows. I’ve no idea how it will go. But I know together we’re gonna have great fun! 

  • What are Lux's favourite things?  

Food, especially his Solution Mash and wither scratches along with cosy rugs. 

  • Has he got any dislikes? 

Yes hose pipes and farriers!

  • Tell us about your most memorable horse or pony? 

My most memorable pony is Polly. Who was my loan pony at age 12. She was a proper PC type and we spent a lot of the summer that year bombing around with a friend and being kids. Best summer ever!

  • Have you got any top tips? 

1/ Be patient, be consistent, and the results will happen.

2/Even if you’re last in the line up praise your horse for trying his best. Winning is great. But it isn’t everything. 

3/Always find a positive from every session or show you go to even if it all went wrong.