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6th March 2020 by Rowen Barbary

Nicole Jayne Wayman

Nicole Jayne Wayman
Name: Nicole Jayne Wayman Discipline: Showing. I have a team of Welsh Ponies and Cobs and show both ridden and in-hand. Based in: Rotherham, South Yorkshire. Age when started riding: 10 years old. Favourite Snack: Any sweets! I can't be without a bag of sweets to eat on the way home from a show as I tend not to eat much on show days. Current Top Horse: Cadlanvalley Bentley, Welsh Section B Stallion HOYS winner 2019. Future Goals: To pass my HGV test so that I can drive the lorry in 2020 and not rely on my Dad to drive everywhere  and also to show my Welsh Section C mare as a broodmare with foal at foot, she is due end of March so watch this space! Top Tips: Never give up on your dreams, they do come true if you work hard! I always tell people "you have to be in it to win it". Favourite Rowen Barbary products: Solution Mash. I really have had some amazing results, especially with my youngsters and a stallion we initially struggled to get weight on. Do you have any mascots / rituals whilst you are out competing: I have a lucky tie pin; it has my initial on it. My niece Evie Rose also seems to be my lucky mascot, she is my biggest fan when it comes to the horses and we always seem to do well when she is there.  
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