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11th February 2019 by Rowen Barbary

NO more Snow!!

NO more Snow!!

I've just been told we are to prepare ourselves for MORE snow...……… We had 3 days last week about 4/5 inches deep which was certainly enough.  The horses weren't happy as Hunting was cancelled twice as it wasn't safe to ride; we couldn't turnout for 2 days as it was so icy it was just too dangerous. It’s safe to say that when they did go out I'm glad I wasn't sat on any of them!

This season we've had a new Team Member join us- "Colin", a Lightweight Cob owned by Gareth. We bought him modelling some SERIOUS love handles in places I never thought you could get them. Therefore we had to be careful with what he was to be fed.  We decided to go for ReadyFibre Mash and Pro Ultra just to give him that slow release energy for the long, hard days hunting that were to come. It's safe to say he loves it.

We've had some feed changes this year due to one thing or another. My Mother in-laws retired Ex Racehorse who's now 21 and is a poor doer has moved onto Senior Support. We find the Senior Support gives him the added calories he needs to maintain a healthy weight, with the added ingredients designed to give 'Joint Support' there has been no need to feed him a separate supplement.

Dasher has moved on to Solution Mash, he isn't in 'full' work over the winter months so I decided to take him off the ReadyMash Extra and put him on a feed that would still keep condition on but was low in starch and sugar so he doesn't get to excitable. Roxy and Mac have both started to have this mixed into their feeds.

The showing season is slowly creeping upon us  and there will be a change in classes for a few horses which I'm excited about. Watch this space...…………………………………

I am very pleased with how all the horses are looking and there's rarely a day they go out hunting without a comment from someone saying "What do you feed? they look so well for Thoroughbreds or horses hunting hard". It’s great that people are noticing and the word is spreading fast about RB Feeds. We now have 2 Masters feeding it and 3 Subscribers, all with several horses each. Good friends of ours in a neighbouring Hunt have started feeding it too and the word is spreading there as well.

Hopefully by the time I write my next blog the sun will be shining and the Show Season will be in full swing.

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