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12th May 2021 by Rowen Barbary

Suzie Todd Endurance!

Suzie Todd Endurance!
Rowen Barbary Horse Feeds would like to introduce to everyone... Suzie Todd from Buckinghamshire! She is our brand new sponsored rider! She specialises in Endurance riding. She competes three horses from novice level to FEI races and is a world championship hopeful! She started dong endurance in 2017 and won the pony club novice endurance league table and from there continued to win many more national titles and is now looking at international competitions.
This month she is racing her appaloosa pony Dutchdream Spetter ( aka spot) at the new Avon Valley Endurance Ride in the 80km CER class! We wish her the best of luck!
Based in: Buckinghamshire
Age when started riding: 6 at my local riding school down the road. My parents aren’t horsey and so my passion for riding at such a young age was very much pure.
Favourite snack: Sour cream and chive pretzels, although when I’m competing I love Jaffa cakes.
Top horse: Dukes Mountain Masterpiece is currently my top horse, who competes up to FEI 1* level. However, I will soon be on the lookout for my next top horse who could hopefully take me further.
Goals for the future:  My dream is to compete in a European or World Endurance Championship and ride abroad.
Top tips: Don’t skip out the little things in training, for example carrot stretches, as it all adds up and will give you an advantage in the long run.
Rituals before competing: I always make sure to tack up my horse myself as I want to begin with full confidence that my tack is on perfectly.
Favourite RB product: This will be no surprise because it has been my favourite RB product for over a year now, but it’s the solution mash! It’s so palatable, nutritious and versatile that I haven’t found a horse that hasn’t thrived on it after training.