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14th September 2017 by Rowen Barbary

Quite Hectic - Charlotte Clewlow

Quite Hectic - Charlotte Clewlow

Whenever I sit down to write my blog I realise that my life really is quite hectic and that I could not possibly cover all the news and events in a short blog (maybe a novel one day!) so I will share with you just some of the latest new. As always with horses there have been lots of ups and downs and the last few weeks have been a rollercoaster, with competitions, new horses arriving, some going home or to new homes.

The biggest competition successes belong to Super cob Flower Power, who did a beautiful clear in the workers at the Royal Welsh to take 2nd and then take Reserve Champion! Followed by double clear in a BS British Novice for 1st place, then another win in the workers at Anglesay Show! A week at SCOPE BS jumping saw her take a 9th and 7th place in classes with 80-90 entries. I think she has proved that cobs can jump! Her owner/breeder Carys Taylor is super proud of her home bred girl.

My new horse Jasper is a big beautiful boy out of Jaguar Mail standing at approx. 17hh, my plan was to get to know him this year – he is totally different to ride to my other horses and then be ready to have a fab season next year – all started well with a double clear at our first BE100 event. At our next event, he gave me a fab ride cross country but was a little careless show jumping. We then stepped up to BE Novice at Somerford where he did a nice dressage test for 31, the show jumping was great but he was a little careless and flew round the cross country clear giving me a fantastic feel. Unfortunately, his season has been cut short due to an overreach injury, once mended I plan to spend the winter honing the dressage and show jumping ready for next season.

The irresistibly beautiful Skye who came to be schooled, competed and sold, has been proving that she is also an extremely talented baby, In the last few weeks she has gone cross country schooling where she took everything in her stride, she cruised over everything, straight through the water, up and down steps and made nothing of the ditches.  She has completed a mini arena event taking 3rd place, her first One Day Event she did a nice dressage test, a lovely clear round show jumping and super cross country with just one little green moment and at her  2nd  event (1st affiliated) she came a 7th, she has got a very big future ahead of her. #forsale

The love of my life Joey has been out and about winning,  at combined training he did a fab dressage test for 75.5% and clear showjumping for 1st, then in an arena event he did a 28.2 dressage and double clear for 1st  – some BS jumping for him now – then Kelsall bound for his first event in 2 years – I am so excited! #Joeyisback

Basil has been out competing with Lyndsay and they had a fantastic week at SCOPE. Albert went to combined training doing a lovely test for 73.4% and loving the jumping to take 1st place, he is now home after a successful rehab from his injury – how we miss his cute face!  Paddy has been out eventing absolutely storming around the beefy Novice at Somerford. New arrivals Darcy and Harry have settled in well and are coming along nicely – more about these two next time.

I was hoping that after a wet August, September would be drier, feeling in the need for flippers at the moment – thank goodness for the indoor school!