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17th November 2015 by Rowen Barbary

Rest? Holiday? Chance would be a fine thing! - Sarah Tomkins

Rest? Holiday? Chance would be a fine thing! - Sarah Tomkins

I ended last month’s blog with the last event of the season at Weston Park so I should be dedicating this blog to tell you all about my amazing holiday...

Whilst one groom was back in full time education and my other stable hand takes a trip overseas I am....

Drum Roll....

Taking in more horses, bringing all the crew in at night and ordering in the winter supplies, luckily Rowen Barbary have my hard feed covered.



Yes the sunny winter has begun on the side of the beautiful hill that is Hillside Eventing...

Did someone mention rest? Holiday?

Chance would be a fine thing.
So we have a selection of newbie’s to pick from......


Cruising loose aka Lucy 4yo Bay Mare by Atomic cruise.


5 year old Holly by Landor's.

Then we also have a 9 year old livery arrive called Una who has had a year off in the field so we are bringing her back into full swing ready for next season.

The older horses are enjoying some grazing and just in case I was getting a little too relaxed Ran is having me over at Arbel Sports Horses to ride only another 6 4 year olds once or twice a week.

I've have been to Wynstay to purchase this year’s farmer Giles proofs for clipping, I love a clipped horse but hair splinters are something of the past. All in this schedule I set the winter rule of being a better mummy and spending more time during the dark hours practising 6 year old daughter Millie's academic work, yes she is currently teaching me my 10 times table, number patterns and I am really worried about parents evening as I am concerned they will mention my spelling.

The reason I'm definitely not getting a holiday- The character of the yard NEO has a hematoma from our fall at Gatcombe so is thoroughly enjoying his visit from the vets (NOT) to have this drained while we have an escape artist of a 4 year old costing us on silly little things and the AI bills and stud fees coming in for the broodmare, I think Christmas is cancelled but if nothing else definitely my holiday.

Lulu has been to Mark Maccourt for a showjumping lesson where she was a dream and impressed everyone so it is time to set up the winter registrations for BD and BS.  Let's hope I will have some successful outing to flood my blog and Facebook page with next month.

As promised I have a couple of reviews from friends I have recommended RB horse feeds too-

Ran Arbel 

I started using Rowen Barbary ReadyMash Extra after the recommendation from Sarah, I have my own yard buying and selling young horses sourced by myself from abroad, Ireland and British Studs. I pride myself in finding quality horses for all riders including top names and GB riders, I am fortunate enough to have a good turn around but many young horses arrive undernourished and lacking condition and I need a feed to gain weight, condition and good coat quickly without heating anything up so they look in good shape for my customers, Rowen Barbary ReadyMash Extra does just that.

Sam Davies

I have been feeding 3 of my horses Rowan Barbary Soft 'n' Soak ReadyMash Extra, on the advice of Sarah Tomkins who is currently using it. We have a 17 year old thoroughbred ex Racehorse, who struggles to hold her weight at times and also suffers with the odd bout of gassy colic. Since feeding the mash twice a day along with flax oil, mineral balancer & chaff, she has kept her weight on and not had any colic attacks, she is only 15.1 and tackled her 1st intermediate team chase 2 weeks ago, flying everything!

We also have Jaxx a 12yo Irish x, who again doesn’t hold his weight, he also will get silly and spooky on some feeds, he is a high energy horse, who does not standstill. He too is looking excellent, weightier and also the change in feed hasn't affected his behaviour.

Rio is a 13 yo Irish sports horse who only came to our yard this year. He is looking superb on it with a beautiful shine on his coat. We have started to feed the mash with hot water and they absolutely love it when it's warm. I would highly recommend this product; it looks healthy, tasty and smells absolutely fantastic when it's hot!