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29th May 2018 by Rowen Barbary

So happy to get out eventing

So happy to get out eventing

So as you are all aware the BE season has been badly affected by the weather, this has had quite an impact on my plans for the horses (I really feel for the event organisers).

I decided to take 8 horses for 3 days BS at Southview over Easter, this involved a mammoth packing activity as we stabled them there for the 3 days. It was an excellent way to progress the young horses (Skye, Albert and Louis) as they came out better and less green each day.  Paddy had the opportunity to jump some bigger tracks, coming 6th in his first 1.10 class. Jasper and I the chance to try and get the SJ sorted – this is our nemesis phase, where for some reason Jasper even when presented at a fence correctly still manages to knock it down!!  Flower Power was able to gain a few more double clears – I am hoping to qualify her for the bronze league championships. Lyndsay on Basil had a spectacular fall on day 1 and spent the next few days looking like she had been punched in the face – luckily she was OK and able to ride.

So the eventing season began at Kelsall with super-fit horses. Jasper did the Novice with fairly tense dressage for 34.5, 6 poles show jumping (so it seems the 3 days focus didn’t pay off!!) he did redeem himself by giving me an absolutely awesome ride around the XC. Perfect Paddy in the BE100 open did a nice dressage test for 29.5, clear both showjumping and cross country to take 6th place.

The following weekend the lovely organisers at Bradwall managed to move 2 of my rides from the cancelled Saturday to Sunday – a 4am alarm call with dressage on Jasper at 7.48am! He did a nicer test than Kelsall – much more ridable, had 3 SJ – 1 my fault, 1 just a normal pole and 1 a jump that was catching everyone out – so much happier with this! Cross country was much harder work – I don’t think he liked the going but still we did a clear. Paddy did a nice dressage for 25.8, he had 2 poles show jumping by the time he went the ground was really sticky and he just didn’t seem able to pull out of it in places – I was concerned about him cross country but we decided we would go and see how he felt – he was fantastic and did a lovely clear. It was lovely to get the chance to catch up with my Rowen Barbary teammates Sarah Tomkins and Heidi Page.

Another 3 day BS jumping stint over the very hot bank holiday weekend I just stabled 5 horses this time and Paddy and Jasper came for a day. Baby Skye was fantastic all 3 days and stepped up to the discovery with a number of clears, getting qualified for scope and placings, Woody and Alfie had their debut BS and were both great, Flower was awesome and gained a couple of 3rd placing in the 1.10 classes. Paddy and Jasper both had cleared (Jasper Clear!!) in the 1.10 with just a pole each in the jump-off.

And so to Llanymynech (a redirect from Chatsworth for Jasper and Paddy) where Skye had her BE debut this year – she did one event in August last year and due to the weather has only been arena eventing since. She was a star doing a nice dressage test for 35.5, a lovely clear show jumping and then she flew the cross country clear and a little fast – such a lovely bold forward youngster. Paddy did another dressage test for 29.5 just had a pole sj, but had an unfortunate stop XC due to losing momentum on a step up and being unable to make the jump 1 stride later – he completed with good form. Jasper did a great dressage test for 23.3 and a PB for me at Novice level! He jumped a great show jumping round with just the last pole down – so happy with that just hoping it’s not a fluke and the work is paying off!! He absolutely flew round the cross country for a lovely clear taking 2nd place and qualifying for both (as has Paddy previously) the British novice championships at Gatcombe and the Welsh championships at Chepstow.

I am so looking forward to our next outing to Brand where both Paddy and Jasper are entered for the 1* it will be lovely to get out the tailcoat.

I must thank Rowen Barbary for their continuous support. Their feeds are keeping my horses looking and feeling fantastic #fedonthebest #mashitup