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21st February 2018 by Rowen Barbary

Springing into 2018

Springing into 2018

As I write this update I sit back and ponder for a moment as to how much commitment, strength, courage and love that us Equestrians must have within us to do what we do in devoting ourselves to the horse! I am quite sure I am not the only person this winter who has had to delve deep within the bottom of their soul to squeeze every last ounce of energy, motivation and enthusiasm to battle with the cold, mud and rain, courtesy of our glorious British weather! We all certainly deserve a medal and a nice glass of wine to warm ourselves up of an evening!

I am however happy to say that the daffodils are now sprouting, coats are starting to slip and glimmers of spring are within reach!

Winter however gave most of my horses a welcome holiday from the show ring except the pre trainers and a time to monitor the ever crucial feed regime for everyone, keeping them all warm, happy and healthy!

ReadyMash Extra as ever has been my lifeline in my horse's diet. It has kept a healthy weight level on everybody with a great appetite and a shiny furry coat to match. With winter comes the warm water making the mashes so appetising even I could eat a bowl also works as a hay replacer as a couple of mine are not the best hay munchers! I couldn’t live without this feed!

We have had a new face join us this year in the form of a 128 Show Pony called Libra Valentino aka Floyd who we hope to campaign as a novice this year. He came to us unfortunately with a poorly tummy and ulcers were discovered. Alongside his treatment I introduced him to Solution Mash which has done exactly that! Found the solution! Low in starch yet still conditioning this palatable feed is a must for any horse or pony needing a low starch diet and the need to keep a delicate tummy happy.

I have also been using Solution Mash on one of my Racehorses; Pengo’s Boy who I am preparing to go chasing this year. A very stressy type and the waistline shows it. I needed a feed that kept him in shape with the right level of condition for his job. Solution Mash has been the ideal feed for him and he really is thriving. In fact Pengo has been feeling so well we tackled some Cross Country schooling this week which to my surprise and delight went superbly! Pengo has never jumped a cross county fence in his life so to be jumping ditches, banks, skinnies and logs was a huge achievement for him,  leaving him very bright, happy and tucking into his Solution Mash at teatime.

Finally I am glad to say we are moving with the season and our outings! The dear lorry started up right away and it felt great to be back on the road, the wet road, yet great regardless! No weather could ruin our fun no matter how hard it tried!

The Retrained Racehorses are now all back in work finally and the diary is filling! Next month will see a few local outings for Jake and Jak to refresh the memories with “baby steps” for the new addition Dino aka “The Noble Prankster” who looks an exciting prospect who we will slowly introduce to showing and see how he gets on!

I’m hoping the next time I write my blog we will be in glorious sunshine, summer coats will be out and shorts and t shirts will be all we will need.. except for a bag of Rowen Barbary Mash of course! I like to think that we have got through the worst of it now so I hope we can all look ahead to a great summer!

Bring in on!!