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18th October 2016 by Rowen Barbary

The end of the season - Charlotte Clewlow

The end of the season - Charlotte Clewlow

The last two events of the season were Kelsall Hill and Weston Park. Kelsall was a busy event with 4 horses competed on the Friday and 2 on the Sunday.

Friday saw Lady and Mollie finish their first season of eventing, these two young 6-year-old mares both had a good event, both had good dressage tests although we did feel that Lady’s was better than her score of 34, Mollie produced a lovely test for a 30.5. Lady despite lots of schooling work at home disappointingly had 3 poles showjumping however we did feel that her way of jumping is going in the right direction. Mollie did a nice round with just a little rub on one pole. They were both a joy to ride cross country and they made the course seem easy. Mollie finished in rosettes in 9th place. Both mares are now on holiday for a few weeks before we start a winter of intensive show jump and dressage training.

I also had Flower and Molly there on the Friday both in their debut events. 5-year-old Molly in her first year of being ridden has had a great start to ridden work with Aileen Feeney and this made my life much easier, she did a lovely dressage test for 31. We were pleased with her show jumping as it was her first-ever time show jumping on grass, she was great to cross country completing an easy clear, although she did seem to think that the water was a jump and took a massive leap into that.

Flower was always going to be a challenge in the dressage as she is a very forward going powerful little mare who is difficult to hold in a snaffle, it was quite an achievement to just keep her between the boards. She jumped a lovely clear show jumping round and a fantastic easy clear cross country, gaining a lovely Rowen Barbary double clear rosette and making her owners day.

Tara competed in her first event this year and a step up to BE100, she was great getting a 28.5 dressage, just one pole show jumping and flew around the cross country – we did get a few time penalties but as a 5 yr old she has never done cross country with an optimum time and the plan always was to give her a nice educational confidence-building round and not to chase the clock.

Super Paddy completed his last event of the season and sadly probably his last event with me as the heart-breaking decision to put him up for sale has been made. He was as consistent and reliable as ever, a nice dressage test for a harsh (in our opinion) 32.8 (but a good score in the arena) a lovely show jumping round with just a pole rolled and then was a pleasure to ride cross country flying round to finish in 7th place. He is quite amazing having been placed in 8 out the 9 events he has completed in this season. A true grassroots schoolmaster who will easily take someone to the Badminton grassroots championships.

Tara competed at a very sunny Weston Park, her dressage didn’t quite go to plan but she show jumped well round a very influential course just knocking the last fence, the cross country was a tough one with lots of combinations and questions (9 horses in her section failed to complete the cross country) she did a fantastic clear, tackling the questions with a lovely mature attitude and finished just out the rosettes in 12th place.  So looking forward to next season with her.

I would like to thank all my owners, supporters and trainers for their help and support this season, it is so lovely to see them at the events and a lot of the joy comes from seeing the enjoyment the owners get from their horse’s achievements. Thanks also to Rowen Barbary who keep my horses looking and feeling fantastic.

It’s hard to believe that the season is over and that Winter is nearly upon us!