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9th November 2016 by Rowen Barbary

The fun is only just beginning! - Donna Bamonte

The fun is only just beginning! - Donna Bamonte

Hello again everyone!!! I thought I had better give you all an update of what's been going on down here.. a little late but an update we go!!!

Following my last post, the season steadily progressed and with that so did sadly personal issues (some trying times with illness and family loss). Despite this, we pressed on with Jake continuing to flourish with his retraining, still picking up wins at a local level, following on with a step up to taking part in his first agricultural show with pleasing results. Dunster is a beautiful show with much to see and do, hence on arrival he turned back into "racehorse mode", grew a hand and found the whole experience VERY exciting!! After meeting foxhounds, stunt riders, cattle, pigs, balloons and anything else that was colourful and billowed in the wind, he settled into his work and stepped into the ring like a true showman, gaining a 2nd in the novice  ROR, also collecting Novice ROR final ticket for the Aintree final in 2017! I am thrilled for him to qualify and this will very much be the goal for him next year!!

After picking up his HOYS ticket, Jak had a small break, followed on by taking part in the ROR final at Hickstead. The ground was treacherous and by the time we stepped in the ring, it was begun to resemble a ploughed field, hardly suitable conditions for a little flat horse foot to go through! Not to be put off by the weather we went for it and ended up being third, which gave Jak and I an opportunity to step into the Derby Arena which is always a thrill!! The best horses in the country battle it out here so to be part of it is always something special!!

During the August Bank Holiday weekend, we also went on to attend the ROR National Championships at Aintree Racecourse. Now in the second year of running the show is proving to be very popular, with competitors from all corners congregating to participate. After missing two classes due to a spread shoe, Jak still picked up a win and we were 3rd in the main championship of the day, among top company and HOYS winners!! I cannot wait for next year!

As for HOYS, that came and went like a flash. The long days and dark nights of prepping, rugging, feeding on top of working seemed to last a lifetime. I feed Jak ReadyMash Extra religiously, however, this time of year I add  Sumo Muscle Builder to give him an extra "top up" with the weather threatening to go cold at any minute. Thoroughbreds are known to pick up and drop off weight in a heartbeat, especially with climate and routine changes. Thankfully Jak kept his condition and his cool, stepping into the ring looking the best he has ever looked. I very much owe Rowen Barbary a big thank you for their contribution into turning him into a Racehorse to Riding Horse, as well as my other horses. Sadly due to ill health, I was unable to ride this year, however, I handed the reins to a very capable friend and the pair delivered a polished performance!!!

The show season has finished for us, however, the fun is only just beginning!! We have a new member join our team in the form of "Anwyl House", a grey 6-year-old ex-racehorse. Interestingly enough he arrived with us with a history of stomach ulcers, quite common in racehorses due to the high protein, heating diet. Because of this, he arrived a little lean due to the fact he wasn't the best at clearing his food. Since then he has gradually been introduced onto ReadyMash Extra and I am happy to say he is clearing all his food and very much looking forward to mealtimes. He finds the wet feed kinder to his stomach and the milk powders help too with his condition. I shall be monitoring his progress closely and will hopefully have some progress to share with you soon.

We are moving to our new premises after Christmas which I simply cannot wait for, exciting times!!!! We will be expanding and taking in many more ex-racehorses to retrain for all disciplines and to rehabilitate and re-home. As well as this I am taking over as the new area South-West coordinator for the ROR (Retraining of Racehorses) with a hope to promote the education, care and wellbeing of these magnificent creatures.

I would recommend the Rowen Barbary range to anyone taking on an ex-racehorse as there is a feed to suit everyone's individual diet. I'm so excited as I feel a lot of good things are going to start happening.....!!