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23rd August 2021 by Rowen Barbary

Welcome our new Brand ambassador Grace Curtis!

Welcome our new Brand ambassador Grace Curtis!

Get to Know Grace....

Where are you based?

I’m based in the South West.

Can you tell us at what age you started riding?

I started riding at 5.

What’s your current top horse?

I have two horse at the minute, my 14hh, 19yo new forest pony, and a 16.2hh 10yo KWPN.

Tell us about your goals for the future?

I would love to be an equine physiotherapist in the future.

Have you got any Top Tips?

I always use a combination of rescue remedy products!

Do you have any rituals before competing?

Before competing I like to have a good playlist.

One last question; what’s your favourite Rowen Barbary product?

I found Rowen Barbary after trying several calming products for my warmblood, and found RB’s ‘Acti-Soothe’ which I found made a huge difference to his stressy character on the yard, and I find he’s much more focused when ridden too as I found his mind drifted off and wasn’t very focused, which is why Acti-Soothe is my favourite Rowen Barbary product, closely followed by the ‘Sprinkles’ which I think add as a little treat to the feed, as-well as making it more palatable for the horses, especially if they are fussy with food and supplements, like my pony is! They are also a great little treat to reward them with!