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4th November 2015 by Rowen Barbary

A well-earned rest - Charlotte Clewlow

A well-earned rest - Charlotte Clewlow

October has been a very quiet month for me horse wise – a well-earned rest for most of the horses, a holiday for me and also my 21st Birthday.

The end of the season came for me with a visit to Osberton International horse trails with baby Tara, who is fed on Rowen Barbary Power, in the BE 4 year old championships. The atmosphere there is something to behold and even the dressage arenas were different from anything Tara has ever seen but as usual she took it all in stride. I was pleased with her test and felt it was scored quite harshly at 32.4, this put us in 14th place out of 35. The show jumping was the biggest course she has ever seen, so whilst I was disappointed to have a pole I was over the moon with Tara’s attitude and she tried her best, this moved us to 18th place – as you can tell I love the live scoring – saves a long walk providing the internet connection works!! Tara was awesome round the XC producing a lovely clear without any hesitation. We finished in 12th place just outside the ribbons – not too bad to say she is the top 12th 4 year old in the country! Hard to believe she was only broken in February and had her first outing to an event in May!!  Tara had her shoes removed and was turned away for a well-deserved holiday the day after Osberton.

Paddy fed on Rowen Barbary Ready Mash, who has completed 14 ODE’s this year was turned away for his well-earned rest immediately after Kelsall at the end of September.  Bertie (who is for sale) went to Somerford with John Marsden for a couple of weeks, to keep him working whilst I was at Osberton and enjoying a week’s holiday relaxing in the sun in Turkey.

Basil and Dylan (who is for sale) have stayed at home and have been kept ticking over. Joey had a couple of weeks holiday and was then brought home and clipped so that he could go to the National Schools Championships with Jack who rode him for a few days before going and where they were part of the winning 1.10m team – very proud of my Joey.

As it is the end of the season and we have all been having a break and I would like to take the opportunity to thank all my lovely owners who have allowed me the thrill of riding their horses and supported me all the way. My Mum, Grandma and Auntie without whom it would not happen! David Shard for the fantastic pictures and of course Rowen Barbary for the fantastic sponsorship and support this year.