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20th December 2015 by Rowen Barbary

When time flys during winter months... we don't complain - Sarah Tomkins

When time flys during winter months... we don't complain - Sarah Tomkins

November has flown by, our days are much shorter and November can be a drag but the weather is fair and at least we are on high ground. I probably wouldn't be saying that if I lived down on the flat but the normal yard duties have been taking place with a few outings to report on and a gold star to us as school parents evening went swimmingly well.

4yo Joey made his first show appearance along with mother Lulu to Prescott unaffiliated dressage where he gained some lovely comments from people including a the judge who dived out of the box full of smiles, it is lovely when everyone loves your horses as much as you do.

Lulu was keen in her tests as she thinks her event season has only just started but still good enough for two good marks, to take home two  2nd place rosettes.

That weekend Emily and myself had a trip to Maelor BS, their last of 2015. The warm up was knee high with water but Emily's Dock performed paces we had not realized he had in the boggy conditions, whilst my big bird Lulu hadn't even noticed, I was a little concerned that I would not get around the turns in the indoor arena but Lulu showed how much she has matured jumping a fantastic easy pull free double clear. for 3rd place, Emily and dock started in style and finished with a bow, literally... The poor duo had a scary rotational out of the double (and we thought xc was the risk phase) a trip to A & E and both are fine thankfully.

We had one weekend which was only suitable for sitting in the tack room cleaning tack and another where we grieved and celebrated in just two days, we suffered a terrible loss of a much loved Mair, a pony club member who puts so much back into our club, Mair suffered a sudden death and has left everyone very shocked and saddened but many friends made the funeral a lovely celebration of Mairs life and my thoughts are always with Mairs mum Alison and sister Iona.

The same weekend we attended a friends baby boys christening which was a lovely day catching up with my dear friends that I neglected all season ...

Monday morning saw me shake off the weekend and arrange a grids lesson with Sarah in prep for the Radfords arena xc team competition, that I was really looking forward to but  the weather  stopped play so the following week we went and schooled around the course Jonathan and Hazel had layout, I took Una who I was absolutely thrilled with and feel she is ready for her new home now and baby Joey was a bottle of pop but so so brave he didn't look at a thing, I'm so excited about him.

This month we also welcomed two beautiful 4yo dressage horses onto the yard they really are the kindest 4yos I have had in and I have really enjoyed working them over the last two weeks but unfortunately they are so nice they are already fit for sale. The owners are very happy with how these two young horses are looking, they have both put condition on in the short time they have been with me #RBReadyMashExtra.

Now I must do some Christmas shopping…

SO  from me and Hillside Eventing I would like to wish all Rowen Barbary members, customers and followers a very very merry Christmas and a big thank you for your generous support in 2015, all my yard and business improvements and success  have been helped to make possible by #RBTeam sponsorship, this year has been amazing and I can't wait to see what 2016 can bring for us X