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3rd October 2015 by Rowen Barbary

Where has the time gone? - Charlotte Clewlow

Where has the time gone? - Charlotte Clewlow

It is hard to believe that the eventing season is nearly over, where has the time gone?

August ended with a lovely outing to Llanymynech Horse Trails with 5 horses competed and 5 horses all placed and all clear cross country! On the Saturday I rode Hannah Bate’s 14.2hh super pony Prince (just my 2nd time riding him!) he was awesome with a 34 dressage, a rolled pole show jumping and he stormed round the cross country to finish 10th.

Super baby Tara did it again with a 27 dressage and a double clear for 5th place in the 4-year-old section –very excited about taking her to the championships.

Sunday was the turn of showjumper Basil in his 2nd ever event he produced an amazing 24 dressage, had a silly pole showjumping – I think he found them a tad small but clear cross country to take 5th place. My own Joey did a 35.5 dressage and double clear to come 6th (he was actually joint 5th but we were quicker around the cross country). 5 yr old Bertie did a nice test for 33.5, rolled a pole show jumping and flew the cross country for 7th place to Joey.

This followed with three weekends of British showjumping.

The first Saturday I took Basil, Bertie and Joey to Tushingham to do the 1.05 warm-up class and second rounds. They all jumped well over by far the biggest tracks any of them had ever seen – a very educational outing for them.

The following weekend superstar Paddy who is fed on Rowen Barbary Ready Mash Extra won the Discovery with a super quick double clear. Basil with Lyndsay jumped double clear to take 3rd too!! Joey, unfortunately, had a couple of poles in the jump-off.

In the 1.05 class they all jumped well and all just had a pole in the jump-off! I also rode Fahy on a ticket; she had a couple of poles – then a lovely double clear.

We set off on a very foggy Saturday wondering if we would be able to see the jumps or perhaps, more importantly, the judge would! Dylan – who is for sale - jumped a fantastic and fast double clear to win the British Novice, he is fed on Rowen Barbary Ready Mash Extra and went by far the quickest in the Discovery but rolled a pole! Baby Tara who is fed Rowen Barbary Power went for an educational outing to jump a bigger course in preparation for her championships and jumped a lovely double clear in the Discovery. Bertie jumped beautifully in both classes just rolling a pole in the jump-off in both classes.

The last weekend of September was Kelsall Hill Horse Trails, so nice to be at an event just 8 minutes down the road!! Although a bit sad as it is my last full event for the year (just Osberton for Tara to go!). The weather was beautiful and I was there all three days. Kelsall had changed the course considerably and the route through the Rowen Barbary water complex was in the opposite direction to previous events, but it rode beautifully and there were generally a lot more questions. I rode Hannah Bate’s Prince – who is for sale - on the Friday he did a lovely dressage test for 33.3, a nice showjumping round with just a pole rolled and he took the cross country in his stride for a lovely clear, finishing just outside the rosettes in 11th place!!

Saturday was the turn of Paddy and Joey in the BE100, Paddy did a brilliant dressage test to get 23.3, had one pole show jumping and he was flying around the cross country until we had an unfortunate stop after being held due to the rider in front having a fall – I am glad to say she and her horse are OK. Paddy has now been turned away to have a well-deserved holiday.

My Joey was a superstar producing a 31.3 dressage score and double clear for 4th place.

On Sunday we took Bertie to his home ground to compete, a nice dressage test for 32, a lovely show jumping round with just a pole rolled and he flew the cross country easily inside the time to finish 4th (actually joint 3rd but we were quicker!!) This lovely boy is also for sale. We finished the day with a lovely lunch in the hospitality tent thanks to Emma who owns Bertie.

Have you seen the competition on my Facebook Page that I am running in conjunction with Rowen Barbary you can win a bag of Rowen Barbary Ready Mash extra – (super feed that I feed to Paddy and Dylan), A Rowen Barbary Gillet and a Leather Head Collar.

The winner will be drawn on 18th October.