Spirulina Powder - The New 'Superfood'

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 Key Points:

  • Helps the immune system
  • Supports horses prone to respiratory problems
  • Useful for feeding to horses with seasonal allergies

The new ‘superfood’, Spirulina is a blue-green algae with a high nutritional value due to a wide range of essential nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and proteins. With a protein content of approximately 65% that are biologically complete - which means they provide all eight essential amino acids in the proper ratios. Furthermore, Spirulina provides all the required amino acids in a form that are easily digestible. It is also rich in B group Vitamins including Iron and Manganese.

Spirulina is commonly fed for the following reasons:

-  To support immune function.

-  To help horses prone to respiratory problems, especially those associated with seasonal allergies.

-  To support normal immune response to fly bites.

-  To support horses that are affected by dust & mold in the environment.

-  For hoof, coat and skin health.

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Recommended For Condition, Vitality

100% Spirulina Powder

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Nutritional Analysis
Protein 66 - 71 %
Carbohydrate 15 - 25 %
Fat (Lipids) 5 %
Minerals 7 %
Moisture 6 %
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