Sports Mash - Restore & Recover

Sports Mash - Restore & Recover

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Sports Mash - Restore & Recover
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Key Points:        

  • Accelerated Recovery          
  • Replenishment of Electrolytes              
  • Digestive Support                 
  • Quick Soaking Mash

Specifically formulated to help aid reduced recovery times, Sports Mash contains a precise blend of high-quality ingredients to help  ensure optimum health and performance levels.

This quick soaking mash contains a blend of highly digestible fibre sources including Soya Hulls, Sugar Beet and Grass Nuts to help  support digestive health, encouraging improved appetite.  The inclusion of electrolytes helps accelerate recovery following strenuous  work, replenishing vital minerals lost through sweat helping to ensure optimum hydration levels for peak performance.  

To help ensure good gut health Calcareous Marine Algae and Actisaf®  are also added to help reduce acidity in the gut, especially  important at times of stress. Sports Mash is also well balanced with vitamins, minerals and trace elements including high levels of  Vitamin E and Vitamin C to help support antioxidant status, exercise recovery and immune function.

Sports Mash also contains Beetroot Powder to help aid recovery after exercise and to help encourage even the pickiest of easters,  ensuring they receive the vital nutrients they need for optimum performance.

Whether at a competitive event, post intense work or travel Sports Mash is very versatile, and can be used alongside an existing feeding  programme to help support your horses hydration and recovery needs.

Avaiable in handy re-sealable pouches ideal for your lorry or trailer.

Soaking Guide:  Soak for 10 minutes with 1 part dry feed to 2 parts water, or to your preferred consistency. 

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Soya Hulls, Grass Nuts, Thin Flaked  Naked Oats, Micronised Flaked Maize, Molasses, Ground Unmolassed Sugar Beet, Glucose, Soya Oil, Calcareous Marine Algae, Actisaf, Beetroot Powder.

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Soaking Guide:  Soak for 10 minutes with 1 part dry feed to 2 parts water, or to your preferred consistency.  

Feed at a rate of 100gm per  100kg bodyweight, or as required.

Sports Mash can be fed alongside an existing feeding programme.  

For more tailored advice for your horse of pony please visit Feeding Made Easy

Nutritional Analysis
Digestible Energy 10.00 MJ/Kg
Oil 4.00 %
Protein 11.50 %
Fibre 21.00 %
Vitamin A 10,000 iu/Kg
Vitamin D3 2,000 iu/Kg
Vitamin E 500 iu/Kg
Vitamin C 200 mg/Kg
Starch 14.00 %
Sugar 7.00 %