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8th April 2022 by Rowen Barbary

Mia Ketcher

Mia Ketcher

Welcoming our sponsored rider and our second eventer! Mia Ketcher! Mia is head girl for Vittoria Panizzon Eventing. Currently eventing at 2* and her goal is to be up to 3*, she also runs her own clinics. We can't wait to see how she progresses through the season!

Where are you based? 


When did you start riding?

Started riding when I was 4, I think…



Top Horse?

Chanson Du Village.

What is your favourite snack?

My favourite snack is Sesame Snaps. My lorry is full of them!

What are your goals for the future?

Goals for the future, lots of goals, long term goal/ dream is Badminton. Short term goal is 3* this year!

Top tips?

Top tips, set your yourself weekly goals, monthly goals, yearly goals. I always think focus on the step in front of you not the whole staircase. Also train with different people, learn different ways of doing things, everyone does things differently!

What are rituals?

Ritual before competing, on the day is obviously have a sesame snap before dressage, probably have a pep talk with my mum about the dressage on how to not screw it up and the horses all have two sugar cubes. I never like to know my score, even if it’s good/ bad.

What is your favourite RB product?

My favourite RB product is probably Solution mash, it puts the weight on the lighter, sharper horses and I can still do the dressage without getting bucked off… bonus! I also feed little and often at a show, it keeps them hydrated especially on a hot day!

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