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5th April 2024 by Rowen Barbary

Abi Leadbetter

Abi Leadbetter

About Abi

Welcoming our sponsored rider Abi Leadbetter, Abi was selected through this years sponsored rider competition. She is a 20 year old Showjumper from County Durham, She currently has 2 horses competing in British Showjumping, she had a highly successful 2023 winning numerous titles as well as competing at HOYS. This year she plans on qualifying for HOYS again and defending her National 1.10 amateur championship title with Zi as well as doing some Working Hunter Qualifiers with Carlos.


Where are you based?

I’m based Darlington, County Durham

When did you start riding?

I first sat on a horse when I was 18 months old. After battling meningitis at 3 years old my Mam promised me a pony once I got out of hospital, so in came Jasper, my little Shetland pony. 17 years later I’m still riding every day.

What Discipline do you do?

My main discipline is British Showjumping however I dabble in a bit of eventing and working hunter.

Top Horse?

Other than my own brilliant mare Zi (Hearts Cruise) I’d have to say King Edward. He’s such a small horse but absolutely dwarfs 1.60m tracks, you won’t find a more consistent and clever horse on the show jumping circuit. Henrick and King Edward are always a joy to watch, you can so clearly see how much they trust and respect each other. I’d love to go and watch them in person before King Edward retires.

What is your favourite snack?

Sweet and salty popcorn, nothing better

What are your goals for the future?

I’d love to retain my Winter Bronze League and 1.10m Amateur titles. Hopefully add a few more National titles to mine and Zis bow this year and get to HOYs again for the Bronze League final and potentially the Intermediate WHP final as well.

Any Top Tips?

Always ride with confidence and no doubts. It's easier said than done but if you can go into the ring believing that you can win or even get a double clear, whichever is the most realistic goal always go in believing in that goal. If you're defeated before you even go through the starting lights it's pointless entering the class, cleaning your horse/tack, putting fuel in the wagon or warming up. Always believe in yourself, your horse and your partnership together.

What are your rituals?

I never walk the course from number 1 as I hate following the crowd. If I can't see my lines through the crowd of people in front of me, how am I meant to ride it? I usually go straight to the next nearest fence and walk from there, then walk the start of the track at the end. It keeps you more focused when all you can hear are your own thoughts not those of the other competitors and trainers around you. When I’ve walked the course I go over it twice whilst looking at it and once in my head facing away from the fences when walking out. Continue to go over the course in your head in the warm up, the more comfortable you are with where you are going the more focused you’ll be in your round.

What is your favourite RB product?

Glucosamine for healthy joints. It's my favourite joint supplement and I have tried multiple different ones. Showjumping is very straining on the joints and it's essential I have a good joint supplement. RB’s Glucosamine keeps my horses flexible, sound and happy everyday.


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