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5th April 2024 by Rowen Barbary

Emma Woolliscroft

Emma Woolliscroft

About Emma

Welcoming our new sponsored rider Emma Woolliscroft, we gained Emma this year through our sponsored rider competition earlier in January 2024. Emma's chosen disipline is British Dressage, Emma developed her love of horses and passion for teaching in Switzerland, where she grew up with her family. She is now based in Staffordshire where she runs a small professional yard.

Emma is a UKCC Coach and an advanced dressage rider. Emma and Jeri - her gelding are out competing regularly with BD, their most recent accomplishment was qualifying for four classes at the Summer Pet Plan Championships, where they placed in the top three out of four classes. As they have qualified for the Winter Regionals their end goal for the next year or so is to compete at Grand Prix level.


Where are you based?


Staffordshire but originally grew up in Switzerland.


When did you start riding?


Around 2 years old (before I could walk properly).


What discipline do you do?




Top horse?


Just Magic BH (aka Jeri)


What is your favourite snack?


A toss up between cheese twists and M&M’s… not together might I add!


What are your goals for the future?


To compete in my first Grand Prix and eventually do an international.


Any top tips?


Your horse is your dancing partner so build a bond of friendship and trust and they will do anything for you. It’s not just about the riding! Remember it’s not about winning, it’s about having fun with your horse and regardless of whether you’re winning rosettes and trophies, if you still remember your childhood love of horses and ponies, you’ll be winning every day.


What are your rituals?


My husband always helps me to go through my tests the night before a show. He is completely non horsey (in-fact is allergic to them) but it’s a great way for him to still feel involved. Just before I enter the arena I whisper to Jeri “We’ve got this” it is team work at the end of the day and I feel that it gives both of us a confidence boost just before we canter down the centre line.


What is your favourite RB Product?


Ready Mash Extra! Fantastic for keeping all of my horses (Advanced dressage horse, rising 3 year old and broodmare) in fantastic condition.

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