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24th February 2023 by Rowen Barbary

Feeding for Controlled Energy

Feeding for Controlled Energy

Do you have a horse that can become easily excitable, that can react to that flapping bag in the hedge or that horse-eating monster in the corner of the arena?

The energy requirements of the horse are dependent upon a number of factors including the level and intensity of the work being performed, temperament, the individual horses metabolism, temperature and management.  Too much energy and the control and concentration may be lost, too little energy and the horse may lack the power and impulsion required to perform at its best.

If you have a horse that tends to be naturally very forward going or can become easily excitable a high fibre, high oil diet should be fed with controlled levels of starch below 10% - 12%.  These types of horses will often initially perform well but will often lack the stamina required.

Rowen Barbary Horse Feeds manufacture a range of feeds and supplements designed to help increase the oil content of the diet while keeping the level of starch to a minimum, making them ideal to help gain weight and condition on horses prone to excitable behaviour.

Vitel 2000E

  • 5% oil
  • 0% starch

Containing a unique blend of Soya Bean Oil and Vitamin E, Rowen Barbary Vitel 2000E helps supply a good source of Omega fatty acids, including linoleic acid and Omega 6 fatty acids to help promote good skin and coat condition, supporting overall health.  By providing the antioxidant Vitamin E in the correct quantities Vitel 2000E will help to stabilise oil storage in cellular tissue, encouraging efficient oil utilisation that is vital for horses on high oil diets.

Sumo Original

  • 50% oil
  • 2% starch

With a 50% oil content Rowen Barbary Sumo Original is an extremely valuable feed for all horses from youngsters to veterans.  Providing super high levels of oils and fatty acids alongside the necessary nutrients, specifically antioxidants, Vitamin E and C along with Selenium and Zinc, helps ensure excellent overall condition, encouraging weight gain and an improvement in topline. Calorie dense it is ideal for feeding to horses with a limited appetite providing an extremely beneficial source of slow release energy for improved stamina.

Solution Mash

  • 15% oil
  • 5% starch

Containing high levels of oils, backed up by key antioxidants, Rowen Barbary Solution Mash is designed to help promote excellent overall condition.  The high fibre levels help encourage better digestion within the hindgut, being particularly valuable for horses that require a diet that is sympathetic on the digestive system.   Yeasacc 2016 is also added for improved fibre and mineral digestion and gut health.  Natural herbs spearmint, garlic and fenugreek are also added along with optimum vitamins and minerals to help support overall health and vitality.

About Rowen Barbary

All manufacturing at Rowen Barbary is carried out in a state of the art mill located in the heart of the Shropshire countryside. We use only the highest quality ingredients sourced, where possible, from local farms before they are blended by our dedicated team in our UFAS audited mill.

Rowen Barbary also conforms to BETA NOPS guidelines with raw materials & finished feeds regularly laboratory tested to ensure that every bag of feed continues to meet not only ours, but also your high standards.

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