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1st February 2023 by Rowen Barbary

Feeding the Broodmare

Feeding the Broodmare

There are a number of factors to consider when caring for the broodmare and later when she has a foal at foot, with the nutritionally well being of her and her foal being at the foremost of every owners mind.

In early pregnancy good condition should be maintained, so if your mare is underweight it is a good idea to feed to a higher calorie diet to support weight gain. However, if you have a good doer it is equally important not to over-feed as this can result in reduced fertility, increase the risk of laminitis and potentially lead to problems with the developing foal. A body condition score of 3 out of 5 is recommended.

Mid-Pregnancy as your mare enters her 5 month of gestation the nutrient requirements of the mare will increase as the unborn foal starts to grow.  At this point both her calorie requirements and protein requirements start increasing as your mare has to prepare to supply extra nutrients.   Some weight gain is necessary, but keep a close eye on your mare to make sure she is not gaining any excessive weight, as this can make delivery more difficult later in pregnancy.

Unlike her protein requirements, the mares’ vitamins and mineral requirements do not increase mid-pregnancy, so as long as your mare is receiving the correct amounts of concentrate feed which supplies the correct amount of energy, protein, vitamins and minerals this will help support your mare during mid-pregnancy.

As your mares enters late pregnancy during the last 3 to 4 months of gestation her energy requirements will increase even further as the unborn foal continues to grow more rapidly.  At 7 months her calcium and phosphorus requirements start to rise, increasing even further at 9 months when other mineral requirements also go up so it is important to ensure she is fed a specially formulated Stud Mix.

By ensuring your mare is fed a balanced diet throughout pregnancy will help give your foal the best chance of a healthy future, but if you have any concerns please contact our nutritional team who will be able to offer expert advice

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