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5th April 2024 by Rowen Barbary

Natasha Heaphy

Natasha Heaphy

About Natasha 

Introducing our new sponsored rider Natasha Heaphy, from this years sponsored rider competition in January 2024. Natasha started Kerose Stud and breeds Welsh Mountain Ponies and welsh part breeds. You can regularly see Natasha in the ring, showing in-hand.

Based in Cambridgeshire, Natasha has been showing for almost 28 years and her passion has continued to grow. Her main discipline is in, in-hand showing, but she also competes in a small amount of lead rein classes. She currently has a team of 11 ponies ready for this upcoming season. Kerose Stud welcomed their first foal in 2022 and will be welcoming another this coming spring.


Where are you based?


When did you start riding?

I started riding when I was 3 1/2 years old at Park Lane Riding School in Essex, and I started showing when I was 7 years old.

 What Discipline do you do?


 Top Horse?

I have a soft spot for Tiago.

What is your favourite snack?

Sweat popcorn!

What are your goals for the future?

I would love to win a WPCS Bronze Medal with our Section A broodmare Tia. At some point I would love to also qualify for the Price Family at HOYS but thats a definite pipe dream.

 Any Top Tips?

Always be confident in what you are doing. Try to take videos so you can look back and see where you think you need to improve, as well as looking back to see your progress. Use the negatives as your positives to learn from and work on as homework.

What are your rituals?

I always use the same cane for showing the welsh ponies. Although we have multiple canes, this one has sentimental value as I was Royal Welsh Champion with this particular one.

What is your favourite RB product?

I love the Ready Mash Extra, its very palitable for the ponies, is great at putting condition on, and is also good for picky eaters.



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