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20th March 2023 by Rowen Barbary

Sophie Isaacs

Sophie Isaacs

About Sophie

Welcoming our sponsored rider Sophie Isaacs, Sophie is an eventer and yard owner, her goal is to develop her business as well as keep improving in all three disciplines BE, BD and BS. She has four horses, Duffy, Prince, Diva and Hugo. She has Prince and Duffy qualified for Badminton Grassroots 2024, she has also has a fantastic start to the season with Hugo winning two BD Regional titles and qualifying for the the winter nationals, as well as being selected for the BD Youth National Academy.

Where are based? 


When did you start riding?

When I was 3/4 years old.


Why choose 1?! BE, BD and BS.

Top Horse?

I couldn’t possibly choose! They’re all stars in my eyes.

Duffy has the most impressive record so far. Last season he ran 5/5 double clears eventing including in the Grassroots championships at Blair and qualified twice for this years Badminton grassroots.

Hugo only began regularly competing last October at BD and has so far won 12 out of his 15 tests including most recently our novice winter petplan area festival qualifying us for national champs!

Prince has the shortest competition record out of all of them purely for the reason he has been a longer term project to get to the stage of being competition ready. He’s done bits and pieces of low key stuff along the way and is now preparing for his first event season. Despite the lack of record so far, he is showing potential to be a next step up calibre of horse from Duffy so my aim with him really is to just take my time with him to make sure he builds his confidence as we go.

As for Diva, she is the absolute legend of my yard. Although her competition days came to an end last year she is my horse of a lifetime. She was my first horse, I have now owned her for 7 years and there isn't a thing that mare hasn’t turned her hoof to for me. She has taught me so much in and out of the saddle and she has made me the horsewoman I am today.

What’s is your favourite snack? 

Prawn Cocktail Pringles

What are your goals for the future?

We are in the process of setting up a new yard at home from which I currently freelance work with transition to operate from. I hope to take horses in for owners for schooling, rehab and competing.

Top tips?

Anything worth having isn’t easy to get. Work hard and you will reap the rewards later. Don’t be in a rush. If it’s meant to be it will happen. If it doesn’t happen this time, it’s faits way of giving you the chance to do a bigger better job next time.

What are rituals?

Not so much a ritual but things I go by. Practice until you get it right, then forget about it and move on. Don’t dwell on things, its possible to overpractice and ruin what you’ve created.

I don’t wear new things to compete and when I event I try not to look at my dressage score until after I’ve show jumped so that I don’t overthink my round.

What is your favourite RB product?

Ready mash extra. I have been feeding it to Prince since August and it has been the fundamental part of his transformation into the horse he has become.

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