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13th December 2022 by Rowen Barbary

Supporting the Seniors

Supporting the Seniors

Colder temperatures have held off until later this year. For some, this is a blessing to prepare Seniors for the ‘winter battle’… keeping their optimal body condition. Each horse is individual and therefore their requirements vary too, whether they have poor dental health and require a mash, health concerns or lack of appetite. Rowen Barbary Horse feeds have a range of Senior friendly feeds, mashes and supplements to help support your Senior this winter.


Poor Dental Health

Although horses have routine dental checks, they could be required more frequently for your Senior. If your horse shows signs of quidding, bad breath, reluctance or refusal to eat it could be a dental issue. These dental issues could further result in weight loss, digestive issues or undigested feed in their droppings. The minimum fibre requirement per day is 1.5% of their bodyweight a day, as an example this would be 7.5kg for a 500kg horse. If your Senior does have dental issues, they may require a partial or full hay replacer such as Ready fibre mash. Hay replacers ensure horses are receiving a fibre equivalent, to make up for the long stem fibre sources they can no longer manage. By ensuring they are still meeting their fibre requirements, it can help to prevent weight loss.

Ready Fibre mash is a high fibre, hay replacer (32.5%). It is cereal free resulting in very low starch (5%) and Sugar (2.5%)making it suitable for those prone to Laminitis, metabolic issues and those with PPID. The Ready fibre mash has an excellent water holding capacity to help improve fluid intake. This helps to ensure your senior is still receiving some water, particularly when the weather drops cold. It only takes 5 minutes to soak with cold water, you can also soak it with warm water.


Poor Condition

For the Veterans that are meeting their fibre requirements but are still not holding their weight may require an additional feed. Senior Support has a high fibre (20%) formula and all the necessary nutrients required to help to maintain condition over the colder months. Senior Support is a fully balanced feed, formulated to help improve condition, joint care and to help promote wellness in the older horse. Every 1kg contains 2.5g of Glucosamine and 2.5g MSM to help improve mobility. Suitable for poor doers, horses that need joint care and a non-heating diet.


Poor Dental and Poor Condition

Ready Mash Extra is a highly palatable soft textured mash. It is formulated to encourage controlled weight gain and condition through the inclusion of essential oils and milk powders. Ready Mash Extra is high in digestible fibre (18.5%) which helps to slow the rate of digestion throughout the hindgut. The inclusion of highly digestible Super fibres not only supports gastrointestinal health but also encourages fluid intake due to the excellent water holding capacity. The metabolic heat produced from the highly digestible fibre helps to support the horses body temperature from the inside, out, making Ready Mash Extra a nice winter warmer. It is fully balanced with essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements, and just 5 minutes to soak.

The Solution to all your problems is our Solution Mash. It contains high fibre levels (28.5%), high oils (15%) and key antioxidants to help to improve of condition and crucial fibre levels to support the digestive tract. Other ingredients such as Yeasacc 1026 and a variety of herbs such as Garlic, Fenugreek and Spearmint are included to support digestion, improve palatability and encourage appetite. Solution Mash is cereal and molasses free, designed for low starch (4.5%) and sugar levels (1%). This makes Solution Mash suitable for those with metabolic issues, Laminitis or those with PPID. It is fully balanced with essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements.


Poor Dental and Good Doer

If you have an older horse that requires additional support, a mash and reduced calories our Ready fibre mash and Keep Well are specifically formulated for your Senior. Keep Well is a balanced formula providing the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements to support overall health and wellness. Keep Well also includes a combination of ingredients such as an equal ratio of Glucosamine and MSM to support joints, Yeasacc and Cinnamon for digestive support and Linseed, Turmeric and Black pepper to support skin and coat health. This diet will provide a high fibre, low starch and sugar diet and the additional support for overall health and vitality.

If you require further advice about your Seniors diet, please contact us through our advice email: or by Telephone: 01948 880598.

About Rowen Barbary

All manufacturing at Rowen Barbary is carried out in a state of the art mill located in the heart of the Shropshire countryside. We use only the highest quality ingredients sourced, where possible, from local farms before they are blended by our dedicated team in our UFAS audited mill.

Rowen Barbary also conforms to BETA NOPS guidelines with raw materials & finished feeds regularly laboratory tested to ensure that every bag of feed continues to meet not only ours, but also your high standards.

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